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11 Things That You Really Should Splurge On

 If you happen to be a budget-conscious person, as most of us are (or have to be), then you might find it tricky deciding where to spend and where to save. Although you should shop around for low prices, there are certain things that are worth splurging on, because they’ll improve your quality of life and end up lasting you for years. Here are 11 things that are actually worth splurging on:
1. Mattress 
We spend one-third of our entire lives in bed, so it makes perfect sense to invest in the best mattress you possibly can. Everyone’s preferences are different when it comes to looking for a mattress, but you should definitely shop around for a good one and test it out prior to buying. You should expect to spend between $600 and $1,000 for a really good one.
2. Bedsheets 
Using the logic applied to the mattress above, the same goes for bedsheets. They should be comfortable, and not make you too hot or too cold while you sleep. They should also be able to withstand many runs through your washer and dryer. High thread count is what’s it’s all about!
3. Shoes 
Good shoes aren’t just about style – they keep you dry, and can actually help to maintain your health and overall wellbeing if they’re of good quality. Spend the most money on the shoes you’ll wear most often, such as the ones you’ll wear to work. Your feet will thank you after a long day.
4. Knives 
Regardless of your opinion on cooking, having good kitchen tools can make all the difference between panicking at dinner time, and being able to prepare your food efficiently. Expensive knives stay sharper for longer and feel more nicely balanced in the hand than their cheaper counterparts. Consider comfort, balance, blade shape, and blade material when shopping around.
5. Toilet Paper 
There’s nothing worse than applying the equivalent of sandpaper to your nether regions after using the restroom, so be sure to treat your tush to the good stuff and spend that little bit more on good toilet paper! You shouldn’t feel guilty if you end up falling in love with the more expensive stuff, either.
6. Groceries 
Although many of us dread seeing the bill at the end of a grocery trip, spending more at the store can actually serve you in good stead because buying the right quantity of good-quality food can help you to save money. That’s because you’ll be less inclined to dine out, which can quickly add up. You should splurge on foods like fresh produce, hormone and antibiotic-free meats, yogurt, coconut oil, and salad dressing.
7. Skincare Products
Taking care of your skin is more than just applying sunscreen – in fact, you should think about spending money on exfoliants, retinol, serums, and a cleansing brush. On the other hand, cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup removers don’t have to be top-of-the-line. Be wary of spending money on products that don’t work.
8. Headphones
If you’re really into podcasts or just music in general, then you definitely should treat yourself to a good pair of headphones. Whether your buy wireless ones or not is entirely up to you, but a good pair of headphones will make your commute, workout or just general leisure time 10 times more pleasant than it would have been if you use cheap headphones.
9. Computer/Laptop 
Do yourself a favor and get yourself a good computer or laptop if you happen to be in the market for one. Doing so will prevent you having to upgrade in a couple of years. If you work on a computer or desktop, you should spend even more – anything that makes you money needs to be built to last.
10. Staple Pieces of Clothing 
Clearance racks are good for grabbing things like T-shirts and trendy items, but you should definitely invest in good pairs of jeans that fit perfectly, a good-quality bag, sunglasses and a pair of pumps. Whatever you wear most is what you should spend most on.
11. Coffee! 
If you love your coffee, then you definitely shouldn’t just be drinking the cheapest variety that you find at the grocery store. Invest in a ground coffee that you love, or perhaps even a bag of beans that you grind yourself. You’ll get to indulge in something you love every single day without having to splurge on expensive coffees on the go.
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