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Never Give Up – The Parable of The Survivor

 We all know the story of Job, the biblical figure who suffered countless troubles one by one, as a divine test that he couldn’t do anything about. Many of us often feel like Job, when trouble, mishaps, problems and bad luck descend upon us from everywhere and we feel helpless to the point of standing on the verge of the abyss, ready to break down and break away from the difficulties that don’t seem to leave us be. But know that in such cases it is important to understand that everything that happens in the world is purposeful, and today's distress may turn out to be the forerunner of the light at the end of the tunnel that will appear tomorrow - just as you can see from the next wise parable which will prove to you that even something that seems like the worst thing in the world, can turn out to be the life raft you needed...


The only survivor from a ship that sunk in the middle of the sea was swept by the ocean waves and carried off onto the shores of a deserted island. When he woke up and learned of the situation he was now in, the survivor went down on his needs and prayed to G-d for rescue. However, the days came and went, and help was nowhere to be found. The survivor would comb the horizon every day but would be left disappointed time and again. 

Exhausted, hungry, and injured, the survivor managed to build a small hut out of driftwood. “This way I’ll at least have somewhere to sleep,” he thought to himself. The man placed the few things he managed to salvage from the ship in his hut, and these were his only possessions in the world. One morning, when the survivor left his hut to search for food on the island, he forgot to put out the bonfire he started the night before.
The fire spread across the ground toward the survivor’s hut and all his things. A thick smoke reached the survivor who was walking in the middle of the island. He then quickly returned to his hut fearing the worst. When he saw the serious damage, he fell to his knees and broke out in agony and tears.
“God,” yelled the survivor, “how could you do this to me? You bring me disaster after disaster!”
Eventually, the survivor fell asleep on the beach with a heavy heart. When he woke up in the morning, to his surprise, he saw a lifeboat docking on the shore – help had come! “How did you know I was here?” the survivor asked his rescuers with tears running down his cheeks.
“We saw the smoke signal you sent us,” answered the rescue team without hesitation.
Moral of the story: Even if your lowly hut burns, it means that smoke is being sent to the place that will help you get out of your troubles. Which is why you should never despair. Everything that happens in the world happens for a reason. 
Remember this and always think positive!
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