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15 Handy Uses For Windex

First invented in the 1930s, Windex is a potent solution that can be used for so much more than what it was originally intended for (cleaning windows). So, what else can it be used for? Check out the list below and find out for yourself!



1. Stains

Windex is actually a fairly potent stain remover. Simply spray a bit onto the stain, before allowing it to do its magic for around 15 minutes. After enough time has elapsed, wash immediately. For this task, it's important to use the clear formula, since the blue formula can actually leave behind stains of its own!

2. Insect killer

You can actually spray Windex directly onto most kinds of insects to kill them. However, make sure that you never use this method on stinging insects like bees and wasps, since they may become enraged and attack you before collapsing shortly afterward.

3. Insect repellent

The smell of ammonia that Windex and similar household cleaners contain is strongly disliked by many insects. Simply spraying some by open windows or doors in the summertime can help to keep the bugs at bay.


4. Jewelry

Windex works wonders on many different types of jewelry. Just pay attention not to leave your jewelry soaking in Windex for more than a couple of minutes, and make sure to rinse everything carefully when you're ready. Make sure not to use this method of cleaning on any types of jewelry that should never be cleaned with ammonia or alcohol, since Windex contains both of these ingredients.

5. Degreaser

If you've got a buildup of grease on your hood, kitchen fan, or even pots and pans, then spraying some Windex onto the affected area can really make a difference. The potent caustic properties of Windex can swiftly remove most fat and grease. Ensure that you thoroughly remove the solution from all food preparation surfaces once you are done.

6. Countertops

If you often struggle when trying to clean your countertops, then Windex is the ideal solution! Simply spray it onto the surface, allow it to sit for a while, and then wipe it off, and rinse thoroughly. It works on marble granite, laminate, and many other surfaces.


7. Appliances

In the kitchen, put this solution to work for you by using Windex to clean your appliances. They’ll end up looking as shiny and new as they did when you first purchased them. This method works just as well on enamel painted and stainless steel appliances.

8. Floors

If you have granite or marble flooring, we'd recommend using Windex to help clean and shine them. Simply dilute some Windex in water and use it as you would any other floor cleaner. However, make sure that you never put Windex on wooden floors or any other surfaces that don't agree with ammonia.

9. Car windows

Windex is also the ideal solution for cleaning grubby car windows. However, you should ensure that the windows aren't too cold or hot. You should also avoid spraying Windex onto windows that are in direct sunlight or that are tinted.


10. Doorknobs

People often forget to clean their doorknobs, and this is a huge mistake since they are incredibly adept at creating hiding spots for germs. Simply wipe down your doorknobs at least once a week in order to keep them as sanitary as can be.

11. Phones

Your phone is another thing that is probably overlooked when it comes to cleaning. We'd recommend spraying a microfiber cloth with a little bit of Windex on it, and using it to wipe down your phone's screen (and keys if it has any). Make sure to only use a small amount, since liberal amounts may cause more harm than good.

12. Bathtubs

Windex may also be used to clean bathtubs regularly. Simply spray some Windex on, and make use of a microfiber cloth or sponge to wipe down and scrub the tub, before rinsing.


13. Crystal

If your stunning crystal trinkets are beginning to look a little dull, you can breathe new life into them with Windex without worrying about damaging them. However, be sure to steer clear of cleaning any delicately painted areas with Windex, as it may cause it to rub off.

14. Toilet bowls

To clean your toilet bowl, simply spray some Windex into it, and allow it to rest for around 5 minutes Then, just scrub as you would with any other toilet bowl cleaner. This solution is fantastic at removing even the toughest of stains.

15. Kids' toys

Any mess left behind by teething, drooling, and even vomit on children’s toys can be purged through the power of Windex! Simply spray down such toys whenever necessary, and then wipe them down to stop any sickness from spreading. Be sure to rinse everything with water when you are done!

BONUS VIDEO - 6 Brilliant Windex Uses


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