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The Five Deadliest Types of Cancer

 According to data gathered from the American Cancer Society, in 2015, around 1,658,370 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the USA alone, and around 589,430 people died from this terrible affliction. Below, you'll find a breakdown of 5 of the deadliest types of cancer that are still prevalent in the world today:


5. Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer cases in 2015: 220,800

Prostate cancer deaths in 2015: 27,540

Prostate cancer arises from glandular cells and typically affects older men. It is the most prevalent among people with a family history of the disease, as well as  African Americans. Most cases grow slowly, and many patients with asymptomatic prostate cancer are generally only observed without any further treatment being required. Treatment options include external beam radiation therapy (radiotherapy), surgical removal (prostatectomy), or even brachytherapy, which is the implantation of radioactive iodine into the prostate.

4. Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer cases in 2015: 48,960

Pancreatic cancer deaths in 2015: 40,560

Pancreatic cancer is, unfortunately, one of the most terribly aggressive cancers. It often besets the sufferer with many dangerous symptoms including stomach pain, bleeding, biliary obstruction, ascites and more, and it can become deadly very quickly. In spite of continuous research, there are no adequate screening options or treatments available yet.

3. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer cases in 2015: 234,190

Breast cancer deaths in 2015: 40,730

Breast cancer is caused by the appearance and growth of malign cells lining the ducts or lobules of the breast. Breast cancer treatment is far from a simple matter, as it is based on quite a number of factors. The main options available include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, lumpectomy, or mastectomy. Thanks to advances in research and technology, more people are beating this type of cancer each year.

2. Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer cases in 2015: 132,700

Colorectal cancer deaths in 2015: 49,700

If caught early, colorectal cancer is highly treatable with fairly positive survival rates. In fact, around 90% of patients diagnosed with early-stage colorectal cancer end up surviving. However, when it enters its advanced stages, the chances of survival are a lot slimmer. There are quite a few treatment options available, including embolization, chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy.

1. Lung Cancer

Lung and bronchus cancer cases in 2015: 221,200

Lung and bronchus cancer deaths in 2015: 158,040

Unfortunately, most sufferers of lung cancer who are diagnosed with an advanced form of the disease will eventually lose their lives to it. Smoking, which is a modifiable risk factor, is the most common cause of lung cancer by a long shot, which is why quitting smoking (or never starting in the first place) is the best preventative measure possible. Depending on certain factors, treatment may include chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy.



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