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"Dream a Little Dream of Me” By Doris Day

 The night approaches, you go to bed with your loved ones, give them a last look before you fall asleep, smile at them and in your heart only a small wish: that your loved one’s dreams will be sweet, and if possible you ‘ll appear in them even for a moment. "A dream without love is a dream forgotten," French poet Paul Eluard once said, and perhaps that is why we want to play a role, if only for a moment, in our loved one’s dreams. If you also have this hope, you’ll surely be happy to hear the sweet performance of nostalgic American star Doris Day singing the classic song "Dream a little dream of me", accompanied by a beautiful presentation. Share this song with your dear ones and wish them a wonderful night!

The presentation is accompanied by music - it is recommended to turn on your speakers.

To stop the music, press Pause.


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