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12 Ways to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

 There's nothing worse than receiving a speeding ticket. So, to help keep you under the 'radar' let's take a look at what you should do to avoid a run-in with traffic wardens and highway patrol.
avoid a speeding ticket

1. Slow down near schools

When driving in a school safety zone, be sure to always stick to the exact speed limit. Aside from being a matter of basic decency and common sense, know that police officers are keeping a sharp eye on the safety of those roads. The same is also true for residential neighborhoods, especially during the school day. Also be on the lookout for speed cameras. 

2. Don't speed in a Bugatti

avoid a speeding ticket

Driving a Bugatti, or any luxury car for that matter, over the speed limit may get you pulled over. Reason being that just like anybody else, they are curious to see what the car is like inside and who is driving it. If you're driving a Bugatti even slightly over, the police officer now has the opportunity to check out your awesome car. 

3. Don't go over the speed limit in a rundown car either

Rundown cars are referred to as a POS. If your car is a beater, it likely to attract just as much attention as a rare luxury car. This is especially true if it is emitting excessive smoke, making too much noise or has a tail light not working. If your lights aren't working properly, in particular, you can expect another violation because your car is legally required to have its headlights and taillights intact. It is a matter of safety. 

4. Don't speed with a baby face

avoid a speeding ticket

Young drivers need to be especially careful around the cops. Being new to the road and having a lack of experience will give cops the opportunity of a teaching moment - pointing out to drivers that they'll be held responsible for their driving choices. 

5. Wear your seatbelt

Cops know when you are not wearing your seatbelt. If they don't see the strap over your left shoulder you will most definitely be pulled over, even if you aren't speeding. And if you were speeding, you'll likely wind up with two tickets. One for speeding and one for failing to wear a seat belt. 

6. Don't take chances if your registration has expired

avoid a speeding ticket

If you are driving with an expired registration you are just asking for a ticket. 

7. Even if you got pulled over, you are still asking for a ticket

If you notice a police car behind you, slow down and think polite thoughts because that is the right way to talk to a police officer. In fact, the best way is to be unfailingly polite. Follow whatever instructions the police officer gives you and don't offer a confession. Remember that anything you say can and will be used against you in traffic court. Instead, talk about how safe of a driver you generally are and how you understand that driving safely is of crucial importance. Bear in mind that you have 30 seconds to cover that you are a safe-driving law-abiding citizen. 

8. Opt for a boring colored car

avoid a speeding ticket

Cars in more conservative colors like black, navy and dark gray tend to get fewer tickets in comparison to red, white and yellow. It's mainly because that these colors are just easier to see. 

9. Don't speed the last week of the month

You should never exceed the speed limit, but this is especially true on the fourth week of the month. Many jurisdictions have monthly quotas and in the last week of the month, they'll realize that they need to catch up on ticketing to meet quotas. So bear in mind that while you might get away with a few miles over in the first three weeks, you could get a ticket in the last week. 

10. Be a follower

avoid a speeding ticket

Consider how other cars and drivers are around you. If you are the one overtaking every other car on the highway who do you think is going to get pulled over? If other drivers are flying by, know that you probably could get away with being a few miles over the posted limit. 

11. Heed the blinking light of other cars

If you notice a guy driving toward you with his lights flashing. He may not be complaining about your high beams, rather, he could be warning you of a police car up ahead. 

12. A stop sign actually means stop 

avoid a speeding ticket
This seems like an obvious rule of the road, however, people roll stop signs all the time. Not stopping is unsafe for other drivers and pedestrians and is also a good way to get the attention of a police officer, particularly in residential areas. 
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