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8 Body Parts That Reveal Personality Traits

 Even though the shape of our bodies is largely based on genetics, there are still many of our body parts that can actually give off messages regarding our personalities, many of which are bound to surprise you!


1. Face Shape
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The human face has a highly complex structure that can speak volumes about the personal and social functions of a person. In fact, research has found that people with a narrow facial structure tend to be emotionally quotient while those with long faces are known to be very intelligent. Persons with wider faces are also more likely to be prejudiced, emotionless, and successful.

2. Nose Shape

According to a study carried out by the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery in 2013, the tissue that connects the bones and forms your nose can give off a number of signals about a person's personality. For example, big nostrils are a sign of a spendthrift, while small nostrils are the sign of a person who is committed to their family.

They also found that people with nose clefts have issues with commitment, and pointy-nosed people know how to handle money wisely. What's more, people with shorter noses tend to be very sensitive and loyal, while long-nosed people are usually hardworking and ambitious.

3. Eye Shape
Body Parts

Face-reading experts believe that your eye shape can accurately show hidden qualities of your character due to the skull's bone structure:

• People with big eyes are usually open-minded, smart, and friendly.
• Wide-eyed people tend to be more emotional, and are usually detail-oriented and cautious.
• Small, wide eyes usually symbolize introverted perfectionists.
• People with deep-set eyes are often mysterious, observant, and passionate.
• Almond-shaped eyes convey romance, while people with close-set eyes tend to be highly persistent people.

4. Eye Color

Science has found that both your eye structure and personality are connected to the brain's frontal lobe, which is responsible for forming our personality. In fact, it is said that people with lighter eyes are more outgoing and social, while those with darker eyes tend to be mysterious and introverted.

Additionally, people with extremely dark brown eyes tend to be secretive and introverted, while those with light brown eyes tend to be natural-born leaders. When it comes to blue eyes, darker hues are an indication of sensitivity, while lighter ones show a lot of inner strength.

5. Cheekbones
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According to a study found in Science Direct, people with big cheekbones and high testosterone levels tended to be more aggressive and more likely to resort to violence. What's more, persons with high cheekbones were found to be more arrogant.

6. Lips

Lips are able to expose your emotional side and show others how you act in personal relationships. For example, people with wide lips are often outgoing and generous, while those with thinner lips often end up being loners. What's more, persons with big lips usually put others first, while those with smaller lips tend to be more independent in their relationships.

7. Hands
Body Parts

To find out what your hands say about your personality, simply raise your dominant hand in front of your face, with the palm facing towards you. If your fingers are very close to each other (less than 0.5 cm), this indicates that you're well-organized and cautious, However, if they are further than 0.5cm from each other, then this shows that you love to explore and experiment new things.

8. Fingers

Your fingers can also speak volumes about your character:
• If  your index finger and ring finger are as long as each other,  this shows that you are a good communicator.
• If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, this indicates that you are a charming person, as well as a risk-taker.
• If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, this shows that you were born to lead others.


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