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Signs and Treatment of Combination Skin

 Most of us have dry or oily facial skin that can be treated simply and quickly, but when the two are combined, treatment may be a bit more complicated. Most creams provide excessive moisture, facial masks absorb too much oil and the serums that are supposed to bring balance to our skin, don’t. Many people suffer from these and other problems with combination skin which is why it's important to know how to take care of it. We invite you to read on and check whether you also suffer from this skin type, what the reason for it is, and how it can be dealt with best with a few simple tips.


The 7 signs of combination skin

1. About twenty minutes after you wash your face, you notice oiliness in different areas of your face alongside clean areas.

2. When you use a moisturizer meant for normal skin, it makes your cheeks feel good, but your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin, and around your mouth) becomes very greasy.

3. The pores on your nose are larger than the pores on your cheeks and jaw.

4. You suffer from dandruff.

5. You suffer from acne and dry patches at the same time.

6. The state of your T zone changes depending on the weather.

7. You suffer from flakiness in your T-zone.


What is the reason behind combination skin?

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to the development of combination skin, but in most cases, it is simply about luck and the genes you inherited from your parents. However, one of the main reasons is the use of products that aren’t suitable for facial skin which can cause dryness in different areas, and oiliness in others (especially around the nose). If you use such products, you are actually causing the development of combination facial skin. It is important to know how to adapt the right treatment and product to your personal skin type, because once you use the right products - such as those we’ll recommend later in this article - your facial skin will improve immediately, becoming balanced once more.skin

5 tips for dealing with combined skin

It is important to note that combination skin care should be personally tailored according to the dry and oily areas of the face. In fact, taking care of this skin type comes down to one important rule - you must treat each of the different areas of your face separately. Oil-absorbing ingredients in some of the products will work great for oily areas but can damage dry areas, just as moisturizers will work great on the dry areas, but will also cause oily areas to stay that way. Therefore, when treating the different areas of your face, you should pay personal attention to each area and use the correct products. In addition, here are five tips for dealing with combination skin:

1. Start using gentle and effective water-soluble cleansing products - these products can be cream or gel-based, with the main goal of effectively removing impurities and makeup without leaving the skin dry or oily. If you need extra cleansing, consider using a soft-bristled cleaning brush - softness is very important because anything else will irritate your skin.skin

2. Use a soothing and hydrating cleanser - Many facial cleansers have enough skin rejuvenating ingredients and antioxidants. The good-quality cleanser can help moisturize dry parts and minimize oily grease in other areas - so you can use the same product for your whole face without drying out or over moisturizing the different areas of your face.

3. Use gentle salicylic acid-based peels - this is the perfect choice for a gentle peeling treatment for combined skin. Salicylic acid helps to shed dead skin properly without being overly abrasive. These peels shrink pores, reduce oily skin, and smooth rough dry and sensitive patches. The acid penetrates the pores and cleans them while helping to balance the amounts of oil they secrete.

skin 4. Protect your skin from sun damage - no matter what type of skin you have, sunscreen should be applied every day of the year, especially if you have combination skin; This is one step that will help you reduce the early signs of aging, along with protecting your skin. It is recommended that you use a mild sunscreen on the face and apply it to the neck as well - note that before use, you apply a hydrating serum to the dry areas.

5. Moisturize before bedtime – moisturizers contain amazing ingredients such as antioxidants and skin rejuvenation ingredients that are essential to soothing the skin, reducing excess oil, and moisturizing dry areas, including around the eyes. When these ingredients are combined together they have amazing anti-aging effects on the skin.skin

Home-made combination skin facial mask

Along with the familiar products on the market and those that can be prepared at home to treat your skin, there is one face mask designed for combination skin that you should know and learn how to prepare. For this mask, you’ll need only two ingredients: pro-biotic yogurt and egg whites. Both of these ingredients have many benefits which have an excellent effect on combination skin; Yogurt is a rich food that helps nourish and soften the skin, while also fighting acne and bacteria found in the pores and skin, and helps hydrate dry patches; Egg whites help tighten large skin pores, sagging skin, and are excellent for dealing with oily skin.

How to
Mix one tablespoon of yogurt and one tablespoon of egg white in a small bowl, apply the mask that you created on your face, taking care not to rub the area of the eyes and mouth, and let sit 10-15 minutes. Then, when the face mask has dried completely, rinse with warm water and then cold water to close the pores, and wipe with a soft dry towel. Please note that you use regular, unsweetened, pro-biotic yogurt to prevent skin irritations and allergies. In addition, the face mask should be applied over a sink to prevent making a mess on the floor.
image source: DrzoommiyaRainer ZenzCushy Spa
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