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The Most Selfish and Ungrateful Bride-to-be Ever

 If you thought you’ve learned the definition of cheeky in your lifetime, you’ll think again after hearing the story of an unnamed bride who posted the most awful of rants after her guests failed to help her pay for her dream wedding.

Screenshots of the bride-to-be’s profanity-riddled rant were recently posted on Twitter, before making it to a Facebook group that was set up specifically to shame weddings. They certainly do qualify for being called shameful!

The woman starts off by announcing that she has canceled her wedding and that she and her fiancé had split up. She also adds that she’s off backpacking in South America for the next two months in order to “find herself”, as well as quitting Facebook.

According to the woman, later identified as a woman named Susan, she wrote that she had met her ex when they were just 14, and lived somewhat of a fairytale together ever since. The icing on the (wedding) cake to this love story was the fact that the couple managed to save $15,000 for their big day.

Little did they know that a subsequent visit to a psychic would make things far more complicated. Torn between two venues, the psychic suggested to the couple that they should go for the more expensive of the two. This meant that the bill for the wedding would have exceeded some $60,000.


In order to fill the gap between the money she had and the money she needed, she decided that her friends and family should be called upon to make up the difference. She asked her guests to donate $1,500 each, which according to her was quite a negligible amount. She fell out with her maid of honor after she suggested to her that she should perhaps stick to her original budget.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise when just eight people RSVP’d, which filled her with fury. This led to her maid of honor, not to mention her groom’s family, to renege on the offers that they had made her. As any sane person might have done, she RESENT the invites to beg for money again. When that failed, she set up a GoFundMe page, which managed to raise a grand total of $250.


Her groom even had the cheek to suggest a Las Vegas wedding in order to save on expenses. He further managed to offend Susan when he didn’t apologize for his “horrid suggestion”. Susan ended her rant by telling everyone that she needed to get away from the “awful society” she was living in, adding that she wanted people to just give her money “for my wedding”.

According to the woman’s cousin, who verified her identity, Susan became obsessed with the Kardashians a few years ago, and that contributed to her entitled materialistic and delusional behavior. Luckily for her, no-one really knows who Susan is, and that’s a good thing after the outrage she managed to generate.


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