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9 Secrets to Protecting Your Facial Skin

 One thing is certain about our facial skin - we would love it to stay young and taught forever! However, most of us aren’t really sure how to keep it that way. The following tips will help you keep your face healthy and young, even when age begins to take its toll ... this article is definitely worth reading before getting under the knife!

anti-aging tips

1. Expensive isn’t always better

There are a lot of products in the anti-aging market, some at skyrocketing prices. That’s why it’s important for you to know, that it’s possible to achieve better results with cheap products, so give them a try first before running off to buy the most expensive the stores have to offer.  

2. Do not lose too much weight

Although diet and exercise in the gym will make you leaner and healthier, thinness will make you look older and more wrinkled, because you have less fat to fill out the creases. This doesn’t mean that you should be living it up in restaurants every day. The smartest thing to do is to maintain a balanced and healthy weight. 

3. Always sleep on your back

Sleeping on your side or stomach causes wrinkles in the face, and be sure that dermatologists always know whether you sleep on your back or not. Sleeping on your back may make you snore a bit, but at least you’ll be wrinkle-free.

anti-aging tips

4. Beware of sun damage in your car as well

The sun is particularly harmful while driving because we don’t feel it when the air conditioner is cranked up. However, the sun’s rays penetrate our car windows and reach our skin. To avoid wrinkles and other UV damage, make sure to apply sunscreen, even if you're just driving around. 

5. Don’t change cosmetics often

Many skin care products are replaced and switched out too often. The effects of most skin care products can be seen only after 21 days of use, so if you are trying to get results, especially when it comes to anti-aging products, be sure to apply the same product every day without change. 

6. Grooming your eyebrows can have almost the same effect as a facelift

Over the years, wrinkles can sometimes create the illusion of a sad or angry look, especially in the forehead and eyes. Doctors and therapists won’t recommend this treatment to you, but before you get a facelift or Botox injections to treat the problem, try getting your eyebrows groomed. Such treatment can counteract the illusion, especially if you get it done by someone professionally. A simple shape change can change your whole face! 

7. You don’t apply enough sunscreen

Many of us forget that the sun is always around. Even on days where it's cloudy, the sun is there, it's just hiding behind the clouds. To maintain facial skin, it is recommended to apply sunscreen or moisturizer with a sunscreen every day or even several times a day, depending on the amount of exposure to the sun. The sun is our skin’s biggest enemy, don’t forget.

anti-aging tips

8. A good cream can provide a similar result to surgical procedures

Surgical procedures such as eyelifts lead to distinct results, but the truth is that a cream can achieve a very similar result. The only difference is that this result is temporary and requires constant use of the cream. If you don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure, or are afraid of its consequences, keep this in mind.

9. Keep your face calm

As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and sets into a more permanent pattern. If you frown all day, don’t be surprised if you start seeing wrinkles around your mouth. Keep your expression calm and relaxed, and your skin will also be calm and relaxed.

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