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The Mentally Strong Live By These 9 Values

 Many speak about mental strength and resilience and how important they are for our mental health, but what does that even mean? First, it must be understood that mental strength does not mean that you do are not dealing with anxiety or fear. It's the possibility that there are people free of all worry and concern that is as rare as an honest politician. Resilience and mental strength are terms that describe a positive psychological ability to cope with such situations, which leads to mental balance.

Of course, there is no need to meditate or do yoga for countless hours to achieve balance. You can take a few simple steps that will allow you to blossom even when life suddenly becomes more challenging. While there are many ways that lead to mental strength, here are nine things that everyone can incorporate into their lives, which will help you be stronger and much more confident in yourself and your abilities.

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1. Love yourself more than anything else

This sentence may sound selfish and slightly self-centered, and in general, many raise an eyebrow when it comes to self-love being high on someone else's priorities. However, it is important to understand that it is hard to love other people if you don’t love yourself! After all, a person who is not happy with him/herself and is unhappy with their life will find it difficult to show empathy and tolerance towards their friends, so it is important first of all to improve your self-love. If we haven’t yet convinced you yet, think about what you're told when flying on a plane, in case of an emergency always put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

2. Learn how to be both strong and soft

Being able to see the world beyond the shades of black and white is a significant part of mental resilience. Weakness is often associated with soft, delicate things and power with strong and tough things, but it is a way of thinking that sees reality only in two colors. Therefore, in order to maintain balance and mental strength, we must know how to see the world in its many shades, rather than choosing one side only. Think about it; An elephant that cares for her calf, does so gently and softly, but at the same time this great animal can and will trample any animal that dares to threaten or approach its offspring ... Do not choose extremism, rather try and maintain balance.

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3. Keep going, even when the situation is difficult

The moment you give up, you state that you do not have the necessary strength and that you can’t hold on. This approach is saturated with self-doubt and hopelessness. On the other hand, people with mental strength always keep hoping and keep their flame of passion burning. They know there is nothing permanent and understand that with challenge comes growth. Therefore, even when the situation seems difficult and even impossible, go on, believe in your abilities and talent and prove to yourself and to the world how strong you are.

4. Know when to let go and do it with courage

It turns out that there is a huge difference between surrendering and giving up. When people surrender, they actually lose their faith and hope for themselves, while giving up is a rational act that says you understand that you have reached your limit and threshold and that it is time to release. Although the ability to release and give up something you wanted or planned doesn’t come easily, especially if it is people who need to have control over what’s going on, the feeling that will come after the act will make you feel stronger. People with mental strength know when to not surrender and continue to believe in their abilities while letting go of things that are no longer under their control.

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5. Fake it ‘till you make it 

Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said "Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny." Understand this masterful insight, and learn how you can turn your desires and beliefs into reality. One day you will believe so hard that your thoughts will have to come true.

6. Never stay in a place that isn’t good enough

People with mental resilience know that they will never stay somewhere that isn’t good enough for them, whether they are not respected enough or that they are made to think that they are not good or worthy. If you have no problem feeling worthless and resentful, you’re welcome to stay on this path - but know that people with mental strength wouldn’t put up with it for a single moment.

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7. Say "No" without hesitation

If your intuition says something is wrong, then something is wrong! People with mental strength know clearly that they have the option of rejecting anything that doesn’t suit them or that doesn’t work in their favor. Therefore, if you realize that something isn’t right for you, don’t start filling your head with ridiculous hesitations and claims, just say "no"! Refusing will help you stop wasting your time on stupid things and will allow you to set your priorities wisely and effectively. If you don’t enjoy the company of some people, for example, stay away from them doing so will allow you more time to spend with your loved ones.

8. Remove toxic and negative people from your life

Following the previous advice, once you learn to be clearer with those around you, it will be much easier to refuse to be close to those who don’t contribute positively to your well-being. Of course, it's easier said than done, but it's completely possible! Negative, manipulative and toxic people will remain in your life as long as you continue to give them what they want. Whether it's your money, your company or your car, at the end of the day such people will take your time, your attention and of course your energy. The price is too heavy for your soul, and to be honest, there's no need or reason to pay it.

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9. Assess yourself and don’t wait for external approval

In order to develop and strengthen your mental resilience, you must evaluate yourself for your achievements or experiences. If you judge yourself solely according to the opinions of others, you’ll only and up doing harm to your mental health. Just make sure that self-assessment doesn’t turn into self-flagellation because being too hard on one’s self is never a good thing. Praise yourself as much as possible, move forward, aspire for more and it won’t take long before you notice your strength growing and filling you.

Now all you have to do is try it yourself ...

Instead of trying to deal with all these suggestions and thinking about how to incorporate them in your life, simply consider them as gradual steps that will provide you with mental strength. Walk through them slowly, take baby steps, and choose how to incorporate them into your life, in what order and in which ways. Remember: you must build the appropriate infrastructure to carry the positive change that will occur in your mind. Taking time, and having patience will pay off.
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