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11 Demos That’ll Show You How Things Work

 There are so many things in the world that we don’t know much about, and for many years we just took them for granted, but today with the help of the Internet we can all become acquainted with the various processes that take place in the world within seconds. Today you will learn about 11 things you had no idea how they were created or worked, and with the help of the short videos below you will understand how our world works just a little more.

1. This is how cookie cutters are made

cookie cutter

2. This is how a climbing plant grows

climbing plant

3. This is how helicopters put out fires


4. This is how garbage is taken out of water sources


5. This is how a river changes its course over a time span of more than 20 years


6. This is how videos of birds in flight are captured

birds in flight

7. This is how your knee joint works

knee joint

8. This is how the Panama Canal works

panama canal

9. This is how sinkholes form


10. This is how peanuts grow on bushes and straight into the ground

peanut plant

11. This is what happens to a jaw when we lose our teeth



source: Brightside​

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