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You Had One Job... And FAILED!

 Sometimes we take on jobs that are way too complicated for us to handle and require multitasking on a superhuman level. Other jobs require close to no effort, but people still manage to mess them up in spectacular fashion! Below, you'll find a collection of 15 hilarious photos of design fails and the results are totally funny!
1. That seems totally fair...nailed it
2. Perhaps it's 184?nailed it
3. What a place to sanitize your hands!nailed it
4. When you couldn't care less about privacy...nailed it
5. This photo is doing my head in!nailed it
6. Perfect translation!nailed it
7. How very practical...nailed it
8. Where did you have me?nailed it
9. That's not confusing at all...nailed it
10. This design is a little morbid from the wrong angle...nailed it
11. Please do not season the birds!nailed it
12. Buy one get one free!nailed it
13. Now that's one interesting combination!nailed it
14. Perhaps it would have been better to say nothing at all.nailed it
15. My head hurts...nailed it


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