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8 Additional and Surprising Uses for Dental Floss

 We all know that doctors recommend flossing once a day before bedtime, but what would you say if we told you that dental floss could help you in other, more surprising ways? We’re not talking about using it as a replacement for your shoelaces, however, since there are actually 8 surprising and very effective uses for dental floss, which are very useful and highly recommended.

dental floss

1. Clothesline

If you’re ever camping or need to improvise a fast and strong clothesline for your wet clothes, floss is a great option. All you have to do is tie and stretch the floss between two stationary objects such as a branch, a door handle, a car, a curtain rod and the like, and just hang your clothes to dry. You'll be surprised, but dental floss really is strong enough to hold wet clothes.

2. Fishing line

For those who love fishing and those who want to fish on the fly, floss can be a good and effective solution to do so. The string is strong enough to replace the common fishing line.

dental floss

3. Repair glasses

For those who wear glasses, losing the tiny screw that holds them together can be quite frustrating, but there is a quick temporary fix! In such a situation, thread the floss between the small holes in the earpiece and the frame, tie it tight and cut to size. The floss will allow you to wear your glasses until you can find and replace the small screw.

4. Cut and hold food together

You’ll be surprised to discover that floss can serve us not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen. Dental floss can be used as a sharp knife to cut fruits, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, remove the skin from fish, slice cakes and more. In addition, if you ever need to tie food up, such as a chicken, and don’t have any cooking string, floss is a creative and convenient solution. 

dental floss

5. Sewing

Who among us hasn’t lost at least one coat button during their lifetime? If you’re interested in solving this problem yourself and you’ve run out of sewing thread, you can always use some dental floss. It can be used to sew any button, tear or patch in your clothes to enjoy them as long as possible. In addition, because dental floss is durable and stronger than regular thread, you can take it with you to camping trips to tie fly nets, tents and more.

6. Hang pictures and fix photo albums

We all like to adorn the walls in our homes with photos. To hang them, we often use the metal wires that come attached to the back of frames, but they tend to mess up our walls. A better solution is using dental floss. Its strength and durability make it perfect for hanging up frames, and plenty of other items, around your home. In addition, you can use it to redesign your photo album and to change and arrange the old photos within the album. To do this without damaging the picture or album, simply slide the thread between the photo and the album page so that you can easily separate it.

dental floss

7. Temporarily stop leaks

Have you ever had your faucet drip incessantly with no way to put an end to it till the plumber arrives? Until you plumber does arrive, you can act in two ways; If you don’t know how to disassemble your faucet to strengthen the screws in it, you can tie floss around the tap faucet and let it hang over a small bucket. You can then make smart use of this water by using it to water your plants or wash the floor. If you know how to disassemble your water tap, you can use the floss as a proper and strong substitute for Teflon, thus preventing unnecessary leaks. All you have to do is wrap the thread around the stem 3-4 times and screw it closed.

8. Loosen a ring

Wearing a ring and not being able to take it off is quite frustrating, but a simple and easy use of floss can get you out of this situation. Tightly wrap your finger with some wax floss, right near the ring, and slowly slide the ring toward the floss until it comes off your finger; The idea is to reduce the size of your finger without affecting blood flow.

image source: eatingrichly

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