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7 of the Healthiest Places On Earth

 Many of the people that hail from the nations you're going to read about below live well into their nineties, but what's the secret behind their longevity? Often, the underlying reason is cultural reasons - it's more than just people taking care of themselves. In fact, it's a phenomenon that's usually nation-wide. Here are 7 of the healthiest places on Earth: 
1. Iceland 
Iceland has very little pollution due to its small population relative to its size. In addition to very good air quality, Icelanders are known for liking to work out in order to beat the negative effects from the very cold weather. Male life expectancy currently stands at 80.9 years, whereas female life expectancy stands at 82.4 years. The country also has one of the lowest infant mortality in the world. 
2. Japan 
The Japanese have the highest average expectancy in the world, and much of this is down to their diet. Although they're known for eating fish as their primary source of nutrition, Japanese people also consume copious amounts of whole soy, seaweed, and green tea. What's more is that they pause from their meals when they're almost full, allowing themselves 10 minutes to decided whether to keep going or stop.  
3. Sweden
Promoting a healthy work/life balance is part of Sweden's government policy, and in addition to that, Swedes have a stunning landscape to play and exercise in. From rolling hills to mountains and glacial lakes, being outdoors is a fundamental part of Swedish life. Furthermore, Swedish people eat a diet that contains plentiful fish and thus omega fatty acids. Swedish cooking methods are also notably healthy - frying often plays second fiddle to poaching, fermenting and smoking. 
4. Okinawa, Japan 
Although Japan is aforementioned, the Prefecture of Okinawa is also worthy of mention because it's believed to be home to the healthiest people on Earth. The main island has the highest rate of centenarians in the world, with approximately 50 of them for every 100,000 people. There are also numerous supercentenarians living on Okinawa. Their longevity is attributed to eating lots of local fruits and vegetables, as well as large quantities of tofu and seaweed. They also exercise through rigorous daily activity and have relatively low stress levels. 
5. New Zealand 
New Zealand's remote location, low population and distinct lack of pollution have resulted in it being one of the healthiest places in the world to live. That's not to mention the outdoors lifestyle, which involves activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. What's more is that you're never more than 90 minutes away from the ocean when you live in New Zealand. Last but not least, there's an abundance of whole foods to try - from seafood to organic fruit and vegetables. 
6. Sardinia, Italy 
The island of Sardinia is known to attract the glitterati of the world, but it's also notable for its incredibly healthy population, which features a distinctly large number of centenarians. Further helping overall health on the island is a tight-knit sense of community, with the elderly often living with their families. The Sardinian diet consists of whole grain flatbread, fava beans, tomatoes, greens, garlic, various fruits, olive oil and pecorino cheese from grass-fed sheep.
7. Finland
Despite having one of the highest incidences of heart disease in the world just 30 years ago, Finland is now one of the world's healthiest countries thanks to government initiatives introduced to encourage healthy lifestyles. Smoking rates were reduced significantly as a result, and Finns now eat twice as much fruit and vegetables as they used to.  
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