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8 Things You Shouldn't Flush Down the Toilet

 The toilet is made to withstand copious amounts of human waste. However, not anything or everything can be flushed down the toilet. If you never want to have to pay a hefty price for an emergency plumber, we have a handy list for you today that explains the things you should never flush down a toilet. 
1. Baby and Cosmetic Wipes
8 things not to flush down the toilet

This includes wipes that are labeled as 'flushable'. Wipes can cause clogs over time and are horrible for septic systems. Because they don't easily break down, they trigger crises in sewer systems across the country, causing millions of dollars in equipment damage. 

2. Feminine Hygiene Products

Within every public restroom, you will likely find a sign telling you not dispose of feminine hygiene products in the toilet. This includes both sanitary pads and tampons which make for the most notorious clogs. 

3. Paper Towels
8 things not to flush down the toilet

While it can be tempting to throw paper towels in the toilet, doing so will give cause you nothing but trouble. Paper towels are made with materials that are much more durable than toilet paper and don't break down fast enough to be flushed safely. 

4. Condoms

Just like the other items on this list, condoms can cause a lot of problems in the sewage system. The latex used in condoms are made to withstand fluid and pressure so they won't simply dissolve on their own when tossed down the toilet. 

5. Diapers
8 things not to flush down the toilet

Diapers that come equipped with flushable inserts should never be disposed of in the toilet. Even one can cause a flooded bathroom of epic proportions. 

6. Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs may seem tiny enough to pass through most drains. These cleaning tools do have a tendency of getting lodged very easily, however. When you are done from cleaning your ears, throw the Q-tips in the trash.

7. Kitty Litter
8 things not to flush down the toilet

While it may seem logical to scoop cat poop into the toilet, where the waste goes, flushing cat feces is bad for the drains and environment. The kitty litter will expand when mixed with water making it hard to move through plumbing. Furthermore, the poop itself is known to spread harmful bacteria in oceans and rivers. 

8. Hair

If you tend to shed a lot of hair and you throw it into the toilet, don't! Hair builds up and causes clogs in the shower - the exact same thing is true for the toilet. 

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