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8 Effective and Natural Remedies

 We all know a person who flat-out refuses to adhere to any medical advice. But just because the idea of visiting a doctor is something they'd rather not do, doesn't mean that other treatment options are not available. Here are 8 go-to at-home therapies that are effective, easy and best of all, completely natural.

1. Keep nail fungus at bay

It can take months for even prescriptions of nail fungus creams and medications to work. In the meantime, you can stop the fungus from spreading by applying apple cider vinegar or some tea tree oil. 

2. Deter ticks without DEET

natural remedies

Cedar oil will be your best option in this case as it pretty much makes ticks' lives a living hell! Simply spray it on your summer clothing or dilute it with water and witch hazel for an effective spray-on repellant. 

3. Calm your anxiety before bedtime

If you suffer from anxiety, chances are you have a hard time going to bed. To reclaim your sleep, drink a cup of banana tea before bedtime. This has high levels of both magnesium and potassium in the peel. 

4. Get rid of lice the natural way
natural remedies

There's nothing worse than getting a phone call from the school nurse saying that your little one has lice. While it may be tempting to get something over-the-counter we recommend that you first try vinegar. It gets rid of lice without harsh chemicals. 

5. Soothe a burn

If you've got a minor first-degree burn it is safe to say that you have plenty of store-bought options to choose from. It is said that rubbing a raw onion on the affected area works well if not better than expensive creams and sprays. 

6. Prevent swimmer's ear
natural remedies

Don't let painful water blockages in your ears stop you from having fun in the swimming pool. Before you jump in apply several rubbing alcohol-white vinegar drops right into each ear. It's an effective preventative measure. 

7. Give yourself a fighting chance against itchy poison ivy

Poison ivy can spoil any camping trip in seconds. While it's best to avoid it altogether, the next best thing you can do is wash with plenty of dish soap within the first two hours of exposure.

8. Add some spice to your DIY cold remedy
natural remedies
It is well known that a honey and lemon hot water mixture works well to soothe coughs. But adding a bit of Tabasco will really help with a cold. 
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