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11 Surprising Uses for Wax Paper

 Wax paper is handy to have in the kitchen. You've likely used it while rolling out dough for cookies, or wrapping food to store in the fridge. But what most people don't know is that there are more innovative uses for wax paper than just the basics. From cleaning hacks to helping your garden, here are some of the most unexpected ways to use this kitchen essential outside the kitchen:
wax paper

1. Unstick a door

When a door is hard to shut because it sticks to the frame run a piece of wax paper over the edge and it will resolve the issue in no time.

2. Make decorating a cake easier
wax paper

If you are not a baker, writing 'Happy Birthday' on a cake for the first time with frosting can be difficult. So, instead of taking your chances, pipe it a few times onto wax paper and pop the sheet into the freezer for a half hour. Once frozen, you can easily peel it off and place it on your cake. 

3. Shine up stainless steel

With stainless steel, you will likely get fingerprints all over your fridge, dishwasher or sink. Instead of using all of those expensive stainless steel cleaners, run a piece of wax paper over the surface or faucet and it will sparkle like new. 

4. Make old wood new again
wax paper

Just as wax paper shines stainless steel, it also works for most wooden surfaces like a wooden bowl or salad tongs that are going dull. Simply rub a piece of wax paper on the surfaces after you wash and dry them. After that, they'll appear shiny and new. 

5. Cleans (and protects) garden tools

Simply scrunch up a sheet of wax paper and rub it over your dirty spades and other gardening hand tools. Doing so will loosen the grime on the metal, and it will provide a barrier that will prolong the life of the tools, keeping them from rusting. 

6. It cleans your floors
wax paper

If you are out of paper cloths, just attach a piece of wax paper to the end of any wet/dry mop. The wax on the sheet picks up dirt, dust, and grime on the wood floors almost as well as a cleaning pad will. 

7. Get rid of bacteria in wooden cutting boards

A wood cutting board is great, but a lot of bacteria seeps into it after cutting all that raw meat. Try placing a sheet of wax paper on top of the surface before cutting up your meat, this can limit the number of bacteria that gets on your cutting board. 

8. Deflect dust
wax paper

In places where you find dust collects - usually on top of your kitchen cabinets, on window sills, or on your dresser, place some wax paper. Then, replace the sheet every few weeks or months as it gets dirty. You will never have to use a duster again. 

9. Fix a stuck zipper

If you have a zipper which has jammed in a backpack or a purse, grab a sheet of wax paper and lightly run it over the teeth of the zipper. This will help the zipper glide along its track easily. 

10. Prevent color bleeding
wax paper

Have you ever put your candles away for the season, only to unwrap them the next year and find out the dye bled all over everything you stored it with? Wrap them in a sheet of wax paper before you store them and the wax will keep the colors from bleeding. 

11. Dries a wet book

If you have dropped a book in the bathtub, there's nothing worse than wet pages. Place a few pieces of wax paper into the pages. The water will absorb into the wax and the wax will help prevent the pages from sticking to each other.

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