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11 Surprising Uses for Pickle Juice

 Many of us enjoy eating pickles as part of a large meal or a great snack, however the liquid they come in is usually drained into the sink. You might be surprised to know though, it can actually upgrade our lives with a variety of surprising uses. It turns out that you can use pickle juice to do some necessary tasks and to improve your physical condition, from treating a sore throat to improving athletic performance. There is no doubt that after reading the next 11 tips you’ll not pour pickle juice down the drain again...

pickle juice

1. Relieves the feeling of heartburn

Those of you who experienced the unpleasant sensation of burning in the esophagus after eating a spicy food or after stuffing yourself beyond your digestive system’s capacity probably regrets being unable to turn back the clock. In this situation, you may think that drinking sour juice will only make the problem worse, but it turns out that one sip of pickle juice can relieve the negative effects of heartburn. Although it is not yet clear what the active factor leading to this result is, according to the popular pharmaceutical website run by medical experts, called ‘The People’s Pharmacy,’ the vinegar in the juice may encourage the stomach to produce more natural antacids.

2. Improves athletic performance

While pickle juice will probably not be your first drink of choice before embarking on some exercise, many athletes have shown a significant improvement in performance after drinking it. According to a study published in 2014 by the National Institutes of Health in the United States, high-sodium beverages, such as the liquid with which pickles are prepared, can improve physical performance, confirming the athletes' claim. It should be noted that it is recommended to drink the sour juice a few hours before exercise and to balance the acidity in the stomach with an adequate amount of water.

pickle juice

3. Soothes sunburn pain

Did you forget to apply sunscreen before spending long hours in the sun only to be left with the pain of a thousand burning suns? After you apply aloe vera, which cools the affected area and encourages new healthy skin growth, you can apply some pickle juice to complete the process. This is because the vinegar and salt found in the juice have an immediate effect that relieves the unpleasant sensation.

4. Reduces the chance of muscle cramps

Experienced coaches and athletes recommend a great solution to reduce muscle cramp pain, as well as a great way to enrich the body with electrolytes (minerals in the form of soluble salts found in the bloodstream and tissues), and its drinking pickle juice! A study published in 2010 shows that men who consumed more pickle juice stopped their muscle spasms 37 percent faster than those who drank regular water, and about 45 percent more than those who did not. A good number of scientists believe that the "secret" lies in vinegar itself, which probably sends nerve reflexes that stop the contractions.

pickle juice

5. Helps relieve a sore throat

We all suffer from occasional sore throats, and they can be a nuisance that can disrupt us for an entire day or more. As long as this is a simple sore throat and not a more serious problem, you can use pickle juice to get relief. All you have to do is heat up the liquid a bit, swish it around your mouth for a few seconds, and the relief won’t fail to arrive.

6. Cleans copper utensils

If you usually cook with copper-plated dishes and you've already thought about throwing them out because of the dirt they've accumulated, know that there's still hope! You can enjoy the sparkle of copper again thanks to pickle juice. The acetic acid in vinegar and salt will brighten your cookware with lightning speed; Pour some pickle juice into the dirty dish, wait a few minutes, and rub the stain with a sponge, you’ll see the dirt come off with very little effort.

pickle juice

7. Herbicide

If you also suffer from weeds that destroy the look of your garden, you can use pickle juice to kill them naturally and cheaply. This will not only save you money from buying industrial materials but will also prevent your pets and children from being close to toxic substances that are usually found in these preparations. Pour pickle juice onto the weeds regularly, and after a few days, they will wilt and leave you with a modeled garden.

8. Heals a hangover 

Headaches and stomach upset are just some of the unpleasant symptoms that can attack our body after drinking too much alcohol. These pains are caused by dehydration, so the body needs plenty of fluids to overcome them. Canned pickles containing dill can effectively treat the problem and replenish the reduced levels of sodium in the body when combined with water they can help you enjoy the result more quickly.

pickle juice

9. Adds a wonderful flavor to vegetables

If you’ve become accustomed to being disappointed after the pickles have run out, the following tip will help you enjoy wonderfully fresh pickles, nonstop. All you have to do is put carrots that are about to bad, broccoli leaves or red onions into the jar, and they will add pickle in the sour juice so that the next morning you can enjoy pickles once more.

10. Great seasoning for meat

Skip the sauces or the complex marinades and soak your meat in pickle juice for a whole night. After cooking, frying or baking you will notice the wonderful flavors that enrich your meat, which every guest or family member will be surprised and happy to discover. In addition, the next time you make a salad, soup or any other dish that requires vinegar, try using pickle juice instead, and you will certainly be happy you did.

pickle juice

11. Stops the hiccups

Tried all the tricks in the book to stop hiccups to no avail? Well, you may not have tried ALL of them… Try to drink a small amount of pickle juice. Although there is no solid scientific evidence of the effect of sour juice on this involuntary phenomenon rather it’s based only on the testimony of many people, it can be said that, in light of the preceding paragraphs, it is certainly worth giving it a chance to prove itself...
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