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How to Make Opaque Window Frosting

 Who could have ever dreamed that curtains could be so darn complicated? I had no idea until I tried to obtain some curtains for my first home. The windows were too wide for regular curtains while being too short for floor-length curtains. Custom-made curtains were far too expensive for me to afford, so in the end, I had to settle for a set of hideous blinds that totally spoiled my living room's decor.


opaque glass

Thankfully, my horror story doesn't have to become your own, since the Oprah Winfrey Network has now come up with an adequate solution, and all you need are two simple ingredients - water and cornstarch!

No, we're not about to show you how to make curtains out of these ingredients - that would just be silly! Instead, we're going to show you just how to make a window treatment that will make curtains obsolete. Basically, you are going to replace your curtains with a paste that will turn your windows opaque, giving you extra privacy and no need for any curtains at all.

opaque glass

What's really amazing about this technique, apart from how cheap and easy it is to prepare, is that you can use it to pattern your windows in any way that you desire!

To create the paste, you'll first need to whisk some cold water and cornstarch together. You'll then need to add the mixture to water that’s boiling on the stove top. As the mixture cooks, you'll need to keep on whisking it, so that it gradually turns into a much thicker paste.

Then, you'll need to hang a piece of patterned fabric over the glass of your window, unless you want it to be plain. Tape the pattern in place and paint over it with your mixture.

As if by magic, the fabric will remain attached to your window with a frosty tint. Apart from looking totally awesome, it will also keep the sunlight out and give you a lot more privacy, too!

Here's a Simple Video Tutorial of the Process:


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