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62 Great Uses for Objects You Have at Home

 Every day we spend a lot of our time trying to arrange and reorganize our house, and each time we encounter objects that seem unessential and unnecessary, such as the rubber bands, straws left from birthdays, or empty plastic bottles that we’ve not yet recycled. If you are also debating how to take advantage of all the things that are filling your home and taking up space, you will be happy to use the following guides. Each of them includes dozens of surprising, original, creative and time-saving uses that will enable you to take advantage of the above-mentioned items, as well as a few others, and use them for your benefit and enjoyment in a variety of ways you probably haven’t thought of yet. Watch each video and apply these tips today.

1. Elastic rubber bands

Want to take a pot of soup to a friend’s house and are worried it’ll spill all over the place? Looking for convenient and efficient methods for organizing your closet? The rubber bans we all have scattered around our homes don’t have the single use we’ve attributed to them till now, in fact, they have 25 more uses to solve the troublesome problems we all know.

2. Straws

Want to take some shampoo or lotion with you while traveling but don’t want to take the whole container? Now you can with a few simple straws! The ingenious idea of turning every straw into an airtight container for liquids, along with 9 other ideas, will have you buying more straws!


3. Plastic bottles

Who needs a special container for sauces when you can turn any simple plastic bottle into a very convenient container with a small upgrade of the lid? This wonderful tip, along with a tip that will allow you to leave your kids cute and surprising messages at the bottom of their drinking bottles and other great tips, makes this guide particularly useful and enjoyable.

4. Cotton buds

Cotton buds are usually used to maintain hygiene, but the following guide will show you how to use them for so many other purposes. Make scented sticks for your closet, turn any shadow into a blush, light candles in a safe and simple way, and more.

5. Clothespins

Neither of us would think of keeping a broken or damaged clothespin, but the next video will prove to you that maybe you should because you can make it a part of some artwork, turn it into a useful knife, a highly efficient headset holder and many other surprising things. Just make sure you have some glue on hand and get to work!

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