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8 Ways to Rebuild Your Belief in Yourself

 When I woke up one morning after years at a desk job, I discovered that my weight had risen significantly. As a fairly athletic woman who regularly exercised, the discovery that I had neglected myself and my health made me lose my self-belief. After a few weeks I decided that I had to do something, and with the help of a personal trainer, I managed to shed about 14 pounds from my body and maintain my weight till today. Some of you are sure to identify with my personal story and I am sure there are a wide variety of stories and other situations that made you feel that your belief in yourself was lost. This is specifically why we’ve collected for you the eight things you need to do to restore your self-belief and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.


1. Repeated and slow action over time

Many of the significant achievements that you’ve achieved or will achieve in your life in the future - relationships, love, life lessons, and more - stem from the little things you do every day and on a regular basis. In order to restore your self-belief, you must rebuild it over time, by doing it again and again. Slowly you will feel happier and be filled with a sense of success and achievement if you take care to persist in your long-term endeavors. True, perseverance is difficult and by nature we want everything to be done and happen in the here and now, and often this want hurts us. For example, you can’t expect to start lifting 100-pound weights the first time you try weight lifting, but you can lift one-pound weights a hundred times. Remember, small, long and meaningful steps will advance you and restore back your faith in yourself. 

2. Create daily habits that reinforce faith

There are many moments in life where we are convinced that it is impossible to save money, lose weight, buy an apartment etc., but with perseverance, daily activity and the creation of habits, we can strengthen and restore our self-belief in achieving what we believe is impossible today. We all lose faith in a certain thing at some point in life, but it is wise to recognize this feeling and create daily habits that will restore it to us as soon as possible. These habits are what defines us and who we are, so create habits that will restore your self-belief. You can start with small things like saying "good morning" to the bus driver every morning or deciding that once a day you’ll walk (for example, on your way home from work) without listening to music or playing on your cell phone. By doing such simple actions, you’ll strengthen your self-belief and convince yourself that you are good enough for you and for those around you.


3. Prepare a list of your recent achievements

In order to regain faith in yourself, you must write your achievements down on paper. Sit down and write down all the things that you consider to be an achievement in your life - it can be the smallest things such as building a piece of furniture or organizing a surprise party. Then, try to identify your repetitive patterns of action within each achievement so that you understand and take note of your skills. For example, if you notice that you are good with sick or distressed people, it indicates that you are a compassionate person, in which case try to place yourself in places and events where you can take advantage of your skill - for example, volunteering at a nursing home.

4. Set yourself reasonable goals

Setting logical goals will help you believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve your goals. You must make sure that you set goals according to your skills so that you succeed in creating a sense of ability and success that will encourage you to move forward. However, be prepared to leave your comfort zone, because sometimes you’ll have to do things that you don’t usually like to do to achieve your goals in life. Once you’ve set a goal, you have to work hard to get it - do not neglect it because the road is hard. If the goal seems complicated, try breaking it down to sub-goals to focus on one step at a time. Click here to learn how to plan out and achieve your goals for ultimate success.


5. Do not be afraid to speak up for yourself

When things happen around you and you have an opinion or suggestion for a better way of doing something, you shouldn’t be afraid, open your mouth and talk! Don’t accept everything that happens around you - you need to take an active part in what is happening in your life. Such behavior shows others, and yourself, that you are able to take control and express and demand your needs and desires. When you speak out loud, you will begin to be surrounded by people whose aspirations and fears are the same as yours - which is essential for restoring your self-belief and being relaxed in your immediate surroundings.

6. Speak slowly

Another way to restore your self-belief is to speak slowly. The intention here is both for internal and external speech, and the impact of this tip on your life will be felt quickly and will help you regain your lost faith. The next time you have an internal discussion within you, calm down and slow down the energetic and negative voice that’s going wild inside you. What we mean by speaking slowly is thinking logically and breathing slowly, helping to slow down the wheels in your head. Alongside the many benefits of self-talk, if you can speak slowly, you will also achieve inner calm that will quiet your negative thoughts and distractions. In addition, even when you express yourself in front of people, speak slowly, they will listen to you more and will shine a better light on you, one that creates security and a sense of ease that will affect the people around you.


7. Do things that are difficult and unfamiliar

Often, most of us avoid doing things that are difficult, unfamiliar, and challenging - it's just part of human nature. But it is precisely thanks to such things that you can gain a strong self-belief that you can prove to yourself that you are meeting the challenges that you set for yourself and do not shy away from hard work. Think of one of the things you want to achieve which you consider difficult and foreign, break it down and set goals to reach it. Keep in mind your personal success and work to feel successful, and even if the road is difficult and challenging, remember that you can do it! If you put yourself in an unfamiliar and challenging place, you can develop a sense of capability through your successes on the way, thus restoring your self-belief.

8. Take care of yourself

Self-belief can depend on how we feel about ourselves, and therefore its return and empowerment is directly related to our appearance and the way we feel about it. The body and mind affect each other, so you have to maintain a healthy body with proper nutrition, fitness, adequate sleep, and so on so that you can maintain your mood and happiness. In addition, maintaining a healthy mind through various tools, such as yoga, will help you relax the body and provide it with the desired balance by which you will be able to restore your belief in yourself.

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