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20 Hilariously Bad Translations

 When translations go wrong, all sorts of hilarity can ensue. Sometimes poor translations can end up losing all meaning, while at other times they can end up meaning something totally different, and boy can they be hilarious! Below, you'll find 20 outrageously terrible translations that will make you laugh your head off!
1. It doesn't want to be found...Funny Signs
2. I hope you like surprises!Funny Signs
3. Not that's a great example of creative cuisine!Funny Signs
4. Um, sure...Funny Signs
5. I can't help how tasty I look all the time!Funny Signs
6. Challenge accepted!Funny Signs
7. Naming and shaming...Funny Signs
8. Is this some new kind of therapy?Funny Signs
9. Makes sense to me...Funny Signs
10. We come in peace.Funny Signs
11. Guess who's the best? You are!Funny Signs
12. Beware of making sense...Funny Signs
13. What a way to say 'Keep Off the Grass'.Funny Signs
14. What?!Funny Signs
15. Please don't...Funny Signs
16. Leave all your non-stuff at home or it risks being confiscated.Funny Signs
17. If you're not careful, you might screw it up...Funny Signs
18. That poor carp looks very offended!Funny Signs
19. Totally nailed the translation!Funny Signs
20. Guess I'm gonna have to take their word for it...Funny Signs


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