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7 Novel Ways of Trapping Fruit Flies

 Fruit flies are pesky, horrible little things. They love overripe fruits and vegetables, drains, garbage disposals, empty bottles, and cans – basically, any place where fermentation is going on. What’s more is that fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs when they’re on any of these surfaces! Here are 7 ways of getting rid of fruit flies:
1. Vinegar

More specifically, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is what you want. All you need to do is pour a little into a glass and then cover the top with plastic wrap. Seal it with a rubber band and poke holes in the plastic wrap using a pencil. Fruit flies love the smell of vinegar, so you can attract and trap them with the scent.

2. A little mixture

You’ll need four ounces of sugar, two ounces of ground black pepper, and a pint of milk to make this concoction. Mix them all together in a saucepan and heat it up on a stove. Pour the mixture into a cup or dish and leave it exposed. Fruit flies will be drawn to and drown in the mixture.

3. Lemon

Cut the top and bottom off of a lemon. Squeeze some juice into a plastic container (one that has a lid), and put the whole lemon slice inside it. Punch a hole through the container’s lid, and watch the fruit flies get sucked in one by one.

4. Red wine

Leave an open bottle of wine out with a little wine left in it. Fruit flies will be drawn towards it, so they’ll dip into the bottle, get drunk and die very happy!

5. Paper and fruit

Grab a piece of very ripe fruit, such as a near-mushy apple, and place it at the bottom of a cup or jar together with a little vinegar. Take a sheet of paper and roll it into a conical shape. Place the smaller part of the cone facing toward the bottom of the jar. The fruit flies will be able to enter, but not exit once again.

6. Beer and a banana

Place an almost-rotted banana at the bottom of a jar and pour some beer over it. Cover it in plastic wrap and poke holes in it. Fruit flies will be drawn to the alcohol.

7. Fruit fly trap
Failing all else, head to your local store and pick up a fruit fly trap!
Images by Deposit Photos.
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