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A Quick Guide to Washing Your... Washing Machine

 You’d think logic dictates that a washing machine should keep itself clean on the basis of it being designed to clean things itself, however that notion is far from the truth. Your washing machine itself actually needs washing from time to time, and this is because failure to do so can result in you facing some serious mildew issues.

On second thought, cleaning your washing machine seems like a perfectly sensible thing to do, and that’s because the dirt on your clothes that it washes off naturally has to go somewhere. As a result, washing machines can collect dirt very easily, and this can eventually lead to the proliferation of harmful bacteria and fungi over time.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Most loads of washing can be done using relatively cold water, so this means that hot water isn’t passing through your machine very often. To kill any nasties that might be lurking within, you should wash your washing machine with hot water and bleach.

Should there be a funny odor present, then the likelihood is that there’s some mold that needs dealing with too. This usually occurs when the washing machine’s lid or door isn’t often left open to dry, causing a buildup of moisture within the machine itself.

How Often to Clean Your Washing Machine

You should put your washer through a cleaning cycle once a week or at least bi-weekly, depending on how often you actually use it. In addition, it’s recommended to wash it, both inside and out, once a month.


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