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10 Things Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You

 We all dream, and whether we remember them or not, dreams occur to everyone when entering the state of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. The occurrence is natural, subconscious and happens up to six times per night to fully-grown adults. Yet, despite the ubiquity of dreams, few people know what they mean. Dream interpretation is an ancient art, but recently, thanks to a parade of well-degreed researchers entering the field, a new science has emerged that aims to create a collective understanding of what we're all seeing on a nightly basis. Let's take a look at what some common dreams mean: 
dream interpretations

1. Missing something from your past

When we search for other people in our dreams, we are trying to reconnect with aspects of our own identities which we feel we have lost touch with. 

2. You’re dreading something new

If you see an alien in a dream, it reflects some unknown or mysterious part of your own personality. So if you are encountering it in an everyday situation or you have been abducted in the dream, the more fear you feel in the dream, the more frightened you are likely to be of the changes that are occurring. 

3. You are being clingy
dream interpretations

We've likely all felt the sensation of falling in a dream. While this might make you think that you need to get a tighter grip and hang on, the opposite is actually true. Rather, this dream indicates that you are hanging on too tightly to a particular situation in your waking life and it is telling you to relax and to let go. 

4. You feel diminished or unable to get to a different place in life

While it may come as a surprise, amputations or missing limbs are common dream themes which indicate a sense of lacking in ability or mobility. For instance, if you are missing your feet it indicates an inability to be grounded on your path. If you are missing an entire leg or both of your legs, it connects to being completely stopped on your path. 

5. You feel a loss of personal identity

In a dream, you might actually find out that your head is missing. According to researchers, this is a sign of an eradication of a thought process or a loss of identity. 

6. You are ready to let go of something
dream interpretations

Have you ever experienced death in a dream and felt at peace with it? This signifies that you are feeling out with the old in with the new. It could be something that you are ready to let go of. 

7. You are not ready to let go of something

If on the other hand, you feel a pang of anxiety or panic at the thought of death in your dream, it may be that you are not quite there yet and are uncomfortable with letting go. 

8. You need to let something go

In addition, if you feel the need to use the bathroom in your dream, this could signify that you literally want to let the crap out of your life. It basically symbolizes decluttering and letting go and may indicate that you want to release something or someone. 

9. You actually need to pee
dream interpretations

When you actually do need a toilet, your dreams will alert you to this with images of water, or of you seeking out a bathroom in vain.

10. You’re willing to work toward a goal or accomplishment

If you dream that you are climbing, straining as you make it up the side of a mountain inch by inch, it may be a signal that you are someone who likes challenges and the opportunity to take a journey that, though difficult, promises a reward at the end. 

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