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14 Vintage Auto Ads to Make You Feel Nostalgic

Car advertisements of old are both curious and humorous in places. This is especially true when it comes to American cars of old - specifically, the ones that date back to the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Would you have bought any of these models if you could have done back then? Did you ever own one? Here are 14 vintage car advertisements that will make you hanker for an era from a time gone by:
1. Oldsmobile 98 
The Oldsmobile 98 was in its third generation by the time this ad came out. This model was offered with hydraulic steering and a new "Hyrdra-Matic Super Drive" engine. 
View this delightful '53 Oldsmobile 98:
2. Dodge Dart 
This ad dates back to 1960 and highlighted that the Dodge Dart had room for six and a low price tag. 
Check out this super-cool '68 Dodge Dart GT hot rod: 
3. Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible 
Pontiac decided to take the roof of its Grand Prix model for the 1967 model year. The luxurious convertible you see above is the result. 
This stunning '67 Pontiac Grand Prix is looking for a new home: 
4. Mercury Comet 
One of Ford's first convertible models was advertised with self-adjustable brakes, as well as an optional stick shift to replace the base automatic transmission. 
View a truly beautiful '63 Mercury Comet:
5. Oldsmobile Cutlass
A spot of interesting marketing is on show in this ad - "drive a youngmobile from Oldsmobile". Would you have bought one? 
This guy was lucky enough to come across this '68 Cutlass Supreme: 
6. Dodge Polara
The Dodge Polara offered buyer more "go, show and spice" for the same price as smaller models. 
A very lucky new owner now has this gorgeous '66 Dodge Polara: 
7. Buick Skylark 
The Skylark went on sale in 1964 and was offered with a "posh and peaceful" interior. 
This is a stunning resto-modded '64 Buick Skylark: 
8. Mercury Cyclone
If you were a self-style action man in the 1960s, then you probably drove a Mercury Cyclone. 
Take a look at a rather gold '67 Mercury Cyclone GT: 
9. Chevrolet Monte Carlo
The Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which first went on sale in 1970, had some gloriously sculpted lines that really turned heads. 
Check out a beautifully-restored and upgraded '70 Chevrolet Monte Carlo:
10. Dodge 330 
There's no doubting that American cars from the 1960s and 1970s were enormous, but the Dodge 330 still stood out - it was almost 18 feet long!  
Watch a '63 Dodge 330 (albeit a very scruffy one) start up for the first time in 25 years: 
11. Dodge Swept Wing 
In 1958, Dodge decided to offer a model that looked like it would take off...
View the original commercial for a '58 Dodge Swept Wing: 
12. Dodge Coronet 
"Slim and trim" and "neat and nifty" were words used to describe the Mercury Monterey when it was launched in 1962.
Here's a white '62 Mercury Monterey S-55 406 that was found in a barn after 30 years of storage: 
13. DeSoto FireFlite
Although the ad made the DeSoto FireFlite look like a rich man's car, it was actually very affordable. 
View a glorious red '60 DeSoto FireFlite: 
14. Cadillac Sedan de Ville
Cadillacs have always been over the top, and the Sedan de Ville was no exception. Would you have liked that seat for your "Command Performance"? 
Take a look at a stunning aquamarine '68 Cadillac Sedan de Ville:


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