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Crazy Sights You'll Only See in Russia

 Russia is home to loads of wonderful sights, such as the majestic Kremlin, the glorious Saint Sophia's Cathedral, and the delightful Lake Baikal. However, it is also home to plenty of bizarre sights that will leave you utterly baffled! Below, you'll find 15 hilarious photos of such sights:


1. There ain't nothing like a Russian hotrod...Only in Russia
2. ... or a Russian chopper for that matter!Only in Russia
3. How low can you go?Only in Russia
4. That's an 'interesting' piece of street art...Only in Russia
5. ... and that's one 'interesting' costume.Only in Russia
6. So romantic...Only in Russia
7. Don't mess with this battle-hardened veteran!Only in Russia
8. Smile for the assault rifle!Only in Russia
9. Perfect match!Only in Russia
10. It was too heavy to carry.Only in Russia
11. This sure doesn't look like the woods...Only in Russia
12. I didn't know the Burger King had emigrated to Russia.Only in Russia
13. That's some mighty strong duct tape!Only in Russia
14. This car oozes class!Only in Russia
15. I wouldn't go near this monster if you paid me!Only in Russia


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