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Nightmare Repairs That Get the Job Done

 If you've ever broken something you really need at a time when you couldn't afford to fix it you may have been tempted to carry out the repair yourself. However, being an amateur engineer for a day may not work out as well as you'd like! Don't believe us? The hilarious photos below should be ample proof!
1. What a cost-effective solution.funny Engineers
2. How to drive your convertible in the rain...funny Engineers
3. As long as it gets the job done...
funny Engineers
4. I wonder if that's a stock wheel.funny Engineers
5. How to make your car more homely.funny Engineers
6. That looks REALLY comfortable...funny Engineers
7. This one left me speechless!funny Engineers
8. Who needs handlebars?funny Engineers
9. What could possibly go wrong?funny Engineers
10. That's one way to reuse a glass bottle...funny Engineers
11. I can't afford to lose a part of my set!funny Engineers
12. This will surely deter any miscreants!funny Engineers
13. Just hanging in there...funny Engineers
14. ...and here too!funny Engineers
15. Genius!funny Engineers
16. This will end in tears!funny Engineers
17. Spending money on furniture is for fools!funny Engineers
18. It seems romance isn't dead in this home!funny Engineers
19. Such a fresh new look!funny Engineers
20. Anything to be a part of the trend.funny Engineers


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