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Determine Your Learning Style

 What is your learning style? Identifying your learning style serves you and helps you use it to your advantage to learn new skills efficiently. Your learning style is your approach to learning based on your preferences, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Learners can be grouped into main categories:

Those who learn through reading and writing prefer to read and write rather than listen. In fact, they enjoy reading books and can follow written directions with ease. Visual learners learn best through maps and diagrams as opposed to verbal directions. While auditory learners prefer verbal directions and enjoy working in groups and discussing information. They remember best through listening and may find it difficult to work quietly. These type of learners often read with whispering lip movements. 

On the other hand, kinetic learners learn best when taking a hands-on approach and benefit from fieldwork and demonstrations. These types of learners also need to move, tap or swing a leg to stay focused. Lastly, there are the multimodal learners, the people without a specific learning style that suits them best. These types of learners are a mix and match. Take a look at the chart below. Which is your best learning style?

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