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The True Scale of These Things Is Surprising

 One of the most interesting sections in the book of 'Guinness World Records' was always the one that held the records for the world's largest things, such as the world's tallest man or the largest egg ever laid. However, there are actually a lot of things in our world that are far bigger in reality than most people would expect. Keep scrolling to see the full scale of 20 different things:
1. The immense size of a fully-grown wombat.Big Things
2. This is a giant leatherback sea turtle.Big Things
3. How many Earths would be able to fit inside the Sun?Big Things
4. Here's an average-sized giant African land snail.Big Things
5. I had no idea an eagle talon was so enormous!Big Things
6. The size of an average blue whale's heart.
Big Things
7. The Titanic in a comparison with a modern cruise liner.
Big Things
8. Quetzalcoatlus Northropi - the largest flying animal to ever live.
Big Things
9. A pair of fully-inflated horse lungs.Big Things
10. This is how big a moose really is.Big Things
11. Nice to meet you!Big Things
12. Some road signs really are that huge!Big Things
13. This saltwater crocodile is a colossus!Big Things
14. The view from Earth if our moon was replaced by Saturn.Big Things
15. The true size of Michaelangelo's David.
Big Things
16. The terrifying size of a gorilla's hand.
Big Things
17. Standing beside a single wind turbine blade.
Big Things
18. Comparing a comet to the city of LA.
Big Things
19. Here's a giant oceanic manta ray. Scary!
Big Things
20. Here's how big the USA is in comparison with the moon.
Big Things


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