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How to Prevent and Treat Inner Thigh Chafing


Inner thigh chafing can be a very uncomfortable issue, but there's no need to worry since there are plenty of ways you can prevent chafing in the first place, as well as soothe and protect chafed skin after it has occurred. If you're interested in learning more, then here are some useful tips that you will find helpful:

Preventing Inner Thigh Chafing
Thigh Chafing

1. Keep your skin lubricated - Lubricating your skin will allow your thighs to glide past each other, instead of rubbing or pulling the skin. Apply some petroleum jelly to your inner thighs before walking or exercising to gain adequate protection against chafing.

2. Make sure your skin is dry - Sweat can make chafing ten times worse, so you should try to keep your inner thighs as dry as possible. We recommend keeping some baby powder in your bag, which will absorb any excess moisture if needed.

3. Get rid of friction - The best way to avoid chafing is to choose clothing that won't allow your inner thighs to rub together. Consider wearing a pair of cycling shorts under skirts and dresses, and wearing garments made out of moisture-wicking fabrics such as synthetic fibers when exercising.

Soothing Your Inner Thighs
Thigh Chafing
Chafing is certainly a painful ordeal so it's vital that you try and relieve the discomfort as much as you can. Aloe vera gel is a product which is full of fatty acids such as lupeol, which have been found to alleviate pain. People have been applying it for generations not only to soothe chafed skin but also to calm red and irritated skin.
Chafing Aftercare Tips
Thigh Chafing

Chafed skin requires proper aftercare if you want it to heal quickly and properly. When you have experienced chafing, you may discover that certain soaps end up irritating your skin even further. We'd recommend using gentle and mild soaps that don't contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances since these are far less likely to be unkind to your skin.

After taking a bath or shower, ensure that you dry your skin carefully, taking care not to be too rough with your towel since this could make you even sorer. Instead, you should use your towel to simply pat yourself dry. Then, sprinkle a bit of baby powder onto the affected areas to make sure you have soaked up any excess moisture.


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