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How to Reuse Your Pill Bottles in Creative Ways

If you've got a load of old prescription pill bottles lying about and have no idea what to do with them, then you've come to the right place. Many pill bottles used nowadays are made out of a type of plastic that's unrecyclable, so the best thing you can do with them is to reuse them. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do with a pill bottle after it has been cleaned and sanitized properly, and here are 15 of my favorite ideas:

1. Survival KitPill Bottles

This one is perfect for anybody who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. You should be able to stash some matches, paperclips, a tiny compass, and anything else you might need to stay safe while camping, trekking or boating.

2. Seed Storer

If you collect seeds at the end of the season, one of the best places for you to store them is a pill bottle. This will ensure that they'll still be in good shape when you decide to plant them.

3. Change HolderPill Bottles

Pill bottles perfectly fit inside your car's door cubby or glove compartment, which make them ideal for storing a stack of loose coins, which you can use to pay for parking, toll booths, or even the launderette.

4. Miniature Ice Pack

If you fill a pill bottle with water and then freeze it, you'll have yourself a portable ice pack. You can use one to keep packed lunches fresh or a whole bunch of them to keep a cooler full of drinks cool.

5. First Aid KitPill Bottles

There's plenty of space inside a standard-sized pill box to store quite a few handy medical supplies, such as Q-tips, band-aids, ointment or alcohol swabs. You never know when they'll come in handy.

6. Funny Cat Toy

If you place a little bell inside a pill bottle, you'll have created a toy that will keep your favorite feline friend amused for hours on end!

7. Earphone HolderPill Bottles

You can easily store your earphones in a pill bottle. This will make them easy to find and will also prevent them from getting all tangled up in your handbag or rucksack.

8. Portable Sewing Kit

A portable sewing kit is an invaluable thing to have on you, and my own has saved me from a lot of embarrassment on numerous occasions. You can easily make your own one with an old pill container since it is the perfect size to hold a few buttons, a needle, a couple of straight pins, and a spool or two.

9. Flosser HolderPill Bottles

Many people tend to floss in the car, particularly if they've got an important meeting or a hot date coming up. If you own any individual flossers, then a pill bottle is a great place to store them.

10. Toothpick Container

If you want to make a convenient toothpick holder, then simply drill a small hole in the cap of a pill bottle, fill it up with toothpicks, and then store it in your kitchen, car or handbag.

11. Emergency Snack ContainerPill Bottles

Pill bottles are great for storing a handful of sweet snacks like Skittles or Smarties, and they are perfect for anyone suffering from diabetes, as well as for people with a nagging sweet tooth.

12. Condiment Holders

If you line a pill box with a little plastic bag, they become the ideal containers for condiments and are perfect for ketchup, granola, salad dressings, and even croutons.

13. Sharps ContainerPill Bottles

Use a pill bottle to store used blood test strips and lancets until they can be properly disposed of. They are way cheaper than the official sharps containers and are just as effective while being easier to store and dispose of.

14. Drawer Sachets

To keep your clothes smelling fresh, simply drill a couple of holes into the top and bottom of a pill container, and then place some scented soap inside it. Then, put the cap on and place it inside a drawer.

15. Non-Prescription Pill ContainerPill Bottles
You can use empty prescription pill containers to separate and store any non-prescription pills you might have bought in bulk. In this way, you'll be able to safely store your pills in multiple locations, such as at work, home and in the car.


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