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The Craziest Side Effects of Common Drugs

 What do you have stored in your medicine cabinet? You likely have your go-to brand of painkiller, maybe some prescription medication and perhaps an anti-histamine. You may realize that even the most standard-issue, OTC pills have side effects - headaches, drowsiness, nausea. Here's a list of the crazy side effects of common drugs.
1. Ibuprofen can burn you alive
side effects of drugs

Though incredibly rare, there are cases in which five out of every million users experience what is known as the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), a condition which causes blistering all over the body. Patients who continue to ingest ibuprofen after being diagnosed with SJS can go on to develop something called toxic epidermal necrolysis, which causes third-degree burns all over the body - and it is fatal in 30% of cases. 

2. Naproxen could make you look like you drowned

This leading migraine medication is one of the most highly effective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. But, it can cause blue lips and fingernails. 

3. Aspirin can leave you black and blue
side effects of drugs

Blood-thinning medications like aspirin are the most common and can cause random bruises to appear on your body. 

4. Penicillin could make you hallucinate

Penicillin is widely revered as the drug that heralded in the age of modern medicine. What isn't known, however, is that it can cause patients to experience - hear, see and feel - things that aren't real. 

5. Eye drops can give you indigestion
side effects of drugs

From a physiological standpoint, it is unclear how this happens. But common eye drops that are used for itchiness, pinkeye and the like, has been linked to indigestion. 

6. And can also cause serious mental anguish

In more serious side effects, ofloxacin can cause temporary confusion about identity, place and time and can also impede the ability to use or understand human language. 

7. Testosterone will deplete your sperm count
side effects of drugs

The increasingly popular drug that's supposed to make you stratospherically manlier has one of the most ironic of side effects: it depletes your sperm count. 

8. Prednisone can make you shorter

Prednisone is a common steroidal medication that is used to treat everything from asthma to gout, to ulcerative colitis, can cause a decrease in height.

9. Sleeping pills will make you do inadvertent cardio
side effects of drugs

Sleeping pills will put you into a deep sleep - sometimes, so deep, you may develop a case of parasomnia, or what is better known as 'sleepwalking'.

10. Prozac can make you thirsty

Prozac has one of the strangest side effects out there, even doctors don't entirely know why it occurs. Prozac gives you a near unquenchable level of thirst. 

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