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This is How to Conquer Self-Doubt

 We all know that making decisions is hard, but sticking by them and doing what’s best for ourselves is even harder. These things shouldn’t really be difficult, but for the majority of us they are, and they can lead us to second guess ourselves.


More often than not, when self-doubt raises its ugly head, we answer as quickly as possible and accept whatever is being handed to us. So, how do we get out of the cycle of self-doubt? We cannot eradicate it completely, but we do have the power to respond with confidence when it arises.

Whether it’s getting to know ourselves better and figuring out what triggers our self-doubt or practicing self-compassion, there are small things that we can do that make a huge difference. The key is to get to a place where we no longer put our trust in the opinions of others and instead make decisions that make us happy.

The infographic below will help you overcome that annoying self-doubt once and for all.

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Source: dailyinfographic 

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