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15 Surprising Facts That’ll Enrich Your General Knowledge

 Our world is filled with surprises, amazing stories, amusing coincidences and events that no one would have believed happened if we record of them. For example, which country doesn’t have any mosquitos? Who was the first woman in space and what happened to the world's most expensive bottle of vodka stolen in early 2018?
Of course, we will never be able to know everything about everything, but our curiosity and desire to learn more and more will always push us to try to enrich our general knowledge. That's why we’ve collected the answers to these three questions for you, plus 13 other fun and surprising facts you probably didn’t know. Read them, learn about our amazing world and share them with your friends so that they too can learn something new today.
 In 1973 the astronaut crew aboard the Skylab 4 turned off radio communications with NASA ground control for a full day, spending the day relaxing and looking at the earth instead.
When the male anglerfish reaches sexual maturity he attaches himself onto a female, digests his face, and atrophies until only his gonads are left. This is how he mates.
During a 2003 soccer match between Iran and Denmark, one of Iran’s players thought a whistle that came from the crowds was actually the half-time whistle, so he picked up the ball with his hands. The Danish players were given a penalty kick which they missed, and they lost the game 1-0.
The oldest cat in the world was 38 when it died and lived between the years 1967-2005. Its name was Cream Puff.
Timon and Pumbaa weren’t part of the original script for Lion King, they were added only after the funny auditions of the voice actors who played them.
The slab of marble used to create Michelangelo’s famous David statue, sat neglected in a church’s backyard in Florence for 25 years after two other sculptors tried to make use of it and failed.
Operation Popeye was the code name for an American weather modification program whose purpose was to extend the monsoon season in Vietnam during the war. The operation failed in light of Congress finding out about it and outlawing this operation and those similar to it.
Redbull was sued in the past by a consumer who drank the company’s product for ten years and was disappointed he never grew wings.
The most expensive bottle of vodka in the world, which was made from gold and silver and had a diamond encrusted cap, was stolen in 2018 and later found at a construction site. The bottle itself wasn’t damaged, however, the bottle was left completely empty.
It isn’t clear whether it’s because of the weather conditions or the formation of water and land, but Iceland has no mosquitoes, even though they are often found in very cold countries.
Steven Spielberg wanted to direct a James Bond movie but was rejected twice. As a response, he developed his own action-filled character, Indiana Jones.
Even though there is evidence of the use of matches in China from the year 1270, the first modern match was only invented in 1826, by accident, by a chemist named John Walker.
 The digital camera was invented in 1975 by a Kodak employee. The camera wasn’t sold then for fear it would reduce film sales.
According to a paper, Nobel laureate, James Heckman published, a person’s personality has a much greater influence over his/her success than that person’s IQ does.
 95% of pure-bred racing horses share an ancestor, a noble horse named Darley Arabian who arrived in England at the beginning of the 17th century.
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