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These Sights Can Only Be Found in Russia!

 If you're a huge fan of all things weird and wonderful, then there's no better place for you to visit than Russia. Why, you ask? Well, after taking a good look at the 15 quirky and hilarious photos below, the answer should be pretty obvious!
1. Hmm, the guy in the hat seems oddly familiar...Only in Russia
2. You sir, are OVER arrest!Only in Russia
3. That manhole doesn't break any safety regulations whatsoever...Only in Russia
4. I think it might be time to wash my limo.Only in Russia
5. He might want to avoid adding in the latest feature...Only in Russia
6. That's not creepy at all...Only in Russia
7. We all live in the...Only in Russia
8. He shouldn't have ignored the 'No Parking' sign!Only in Russia
9. Snow day? Not today!Only in Russia
10. Why did the bear cross the road?Only in Russia
11. That's one way to get to the reception quickly...Only in Russia
12. What on Earth is going on in this picture?!Only in Russia
13. Those M&Ms look like they've had one too many vodkas...Only in Russia
14. Stay out of my yard!Only in Russia
15. You certainly won't see a more Russian image today!Only in Russia

Sources: acidcowsadanduseless

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