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15 Animals Having a Really Bad Day

 Humans aren't the only ones who can have a really bad day every once in a while. In fact, if the photos below are anything to go by, cats, dogs, and all kinds of pets are all liable to make some terrible mistakes, which can certainly ruin not only their own day but also their owners' days, too! Be warned though, some of these hilarious photos might make you scream with laughter!
1. When your dog opens the window during a car wash.Animal Bad Days
2. Get off the cat? What cat?Animal Bad Days
3. This dog just got arrested for chasing a deer...Animal Bad Days
4. My dog's facial expressions as we turn away from the dog park.Animal Bad Days
5. This little guy really doesn't do hugs...Animal Bad Days
6. My poor little Snowball is always bullied mercilessly by the other cats!Animal Bad Days
7. This cat looks fabulous after coming out of surgery!Animal Bad Days
8. This pup needs to wear goggles while recovering from an eye injury.Animal Bad Days
9. It's not what it looks like! We're only playing...Animal Bad Days
10. Oh dear...Animal Bad Days
11. The little dog that turned into a llama.Animal Bad Days
12. Apparently, this is an appropriate 'summer haircut'.Animal Bad Days
13. Be careful what you search for online...Animal Bad Days
14. The snow was slightly deeper than Ringo expected...Animal Bad Days
15. Last but not least... the Italian beetle!Animal Bad Days


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