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This Bus Was Transformed into a Home

 Jessie Lipskin was unable to find an apartment for rent that she was satisfied with, so she decided to build her own dream house. Her choice was slightly unusual. Jessie bought an old 1966 school bus on eBay. Her aim was to live an eco-friendly life and not to get attached to a certain place. She worked on the bus for many years and how it turned out is truly impressive - one that would grace the covers of interior design magazines.
The hardest part of the renovation was the search for people who could help her with the things she couldn't do: good plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. A major problem was that the level measurements were pretty useless because the inclination of the bus would depend on its position. So, they had to measure the angles instead and that is why the project was postponed. In total it took Jessie 3 years to renovate the bus and turn it into what it looks like now. The final result is absolutely wonderful. Take a look: 
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