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13 Facts You Won't Have Heard About

 The world is truly an amazing place. Just when you think that you’ve seen everything there is to see, it surprises you with something new. Even ordinary things have the ability to turn our world upside down when we see them from a different angle. Below we have collected some incredible facts about our world that you definitely won’t find in an encyclopedia.
Unusual Facts

1. Steven Spielberg wanted to direct a James Bond movie, but he was rejected. He discussed his problem with his friend George Lucas who told him that he has an idea about how to make a James Bond movie but better. This is how Indiana Jones was created.

2. Baby elephants suck on their trunks for the same reason human babies suck on a pacifier.

3. 1/10th of the world’s gold reserves belong to Indian housewives. This is more than the US, Germany, and Switzerland have combined.

4. In 1982, a man somehow managed to sneak into Buckingham Palace. He ate their cheddar cheese and walked around the place. After sitting on the throne and drinking half a bottle of wine, he left. 

Unusual Facts

5. Apples that we purchase at grocery stores were actually picked 6-12 months ago. Before they are put in stores, they are kept in special fridges with very low oxygen levels so that they don’t start to go bad.

6. People from Kalachi, Kazakhstan, have a strange sleep syndrome. They feel tired and sleepy most of the time and some of them even fall asleep for an entire week. Scientists have conducted many studies in this village, but they are yet to find the cause of this phenomenon.

7. There is an episode of Mythbusters that nobody will ever see. They made a very powerful explosive using scrap materials, but when they realized the possible consequences of what they had just achieved, they quickly deleted the episode and warned the police that terrorists can use the results of their experiment for their own purposes.


8. Atoms are 99.9999999% empty space. If you collected all of the world’s people together and removed any empty space out of them, humanity would be the size of an orange.

9. The US Navy replaced the old submarine control system with Xbox 360 controllers. This helped new soldiers learn how to control submarines much faster. 

Unusual Facts

10. There are way more bacteria in a human belly button than in the bathroom. Scientists compared ten belly buttons of volunteers and compared them with germs found in the bathroom. They found 1,500 kinds of bacteria in a belly button that were unknown to science.

11. At the end of the Vietnam War, an American ship had to throw away $10 million worth of helicopters so that a pilot could land with his family.

12. Very few people know that Elvis Presley’s natural hair color was very light. When he was young, he dyed his hair and kept it this way.

13. At the beginning of the 19th century, Ketchup was advertised as a cure for diarrhea and jaundice. It was even made into pills. However, this information was proven wrong and Ketchup has only been sold as a sauce since.


Source: brightside
Images: depositphotos





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