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The Medicinal Properties of Chaga Mushrooms

 In recent years there has been a lot of talk about "superfoods" that contain many components that benefit our health and come in one small package. These foods have become the subject of many studies, and researchers occasionally discover “superfood” properties in other plants and vegetables.

One food that has been found to be beneficial to health are the special Chaga mushrooms with many valuable medicinal properties. The following 12 benefits of the wonderful Chaga mushrooms show how this small plant can help with a variety of medical problems, from mild infections to cancer.


What is the Chaga mushroom?

There are thousands of types of mushrooms in the world, and those that are intended for consumption have wonderful health properties, with the Chaga mushroom shining among them. This mushroom grows in cold areas such as Russia, Canada, and northern Europe and is reminiscent of coal in its appearance due to the high presence of melanin in it. Chaga mushrooms grows slowly, causing the formation of various components at very high concentrations. This unique fungus has been used for natural healing in Russia and northern Europe for hundreds of years, and in recent decades it has been the subject of research in modern medicine because of its unique properties.

Chaga Mushrooms

1. Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood

LDL cholesterol is needed by the body in small amounts, but when elevated, it can be very harmful to the health of the heart as well as to its overall physical condition. It is important to regulate the levels of this cholesterol when it rises to prevent the damage it can cause, and in a study published in 2008, researchers found that Chaga mushrooms can do so. These mushrooms contain betulinic acid that breaks down harmful LDL cholesterol, helping to maintain the cardiovascular health that is essential to the body.

2. Protects against DNA damage

One of the causes of aging and age damage are changes caused to DNA by various oxidation processes. Oxidizing substances destroy the structure of many cells in the body, leading to the formation of various diseases, as well as aging symptoms such as loss of skin elasticity. Chaga mushrooms, which are rich in antioxidants, protects against such damage to DNA, enabling the proper production of proteins and slowing down the aging processes both cosmetic and health wise.

Chaga Mushrooms

3. Fights viruses

Viruses have been the subject of research for a long time because of the difficulty in fighting them effectively, and the helplessness facing them when they attack in their various forms. Various natural compounds have been studied to test their effect on viruses, and in a study published in 2014, researchers found that Chaga mushrooms are effective in treating skin herpes viruses, and moreover help to eliminate the obvious physical symptoms of skin diseases.

4. Regulates immune responses

An immune response, in which the body fights intruders and inflammation in a balanced manner, is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. When the body reacts excessively to the infiltration of bacteria and viruses, for example, it may damage healthy cells, therefore, this is important to prevent. Polysaccharides called beta-glucan have been found in studies to balance immune responses so that they are not too strong or too weak. The wonderful Chaga mushrooms are rich in most of these sugars, thus helping the body to respond adequately to invaders and infections without damaging other processes.

Chaga Mushrooms

5. Relieves pain

Various pains in the body, such as those experienced by people who suffer from arthritis, are the result of various infections. In order to relieve such pain, it is important to neutralize the factors that lead to the formation of inflammation and their symptoms. Chaga mushrooms can do just that, as they ease infections in different areas of the body and thus help to reduce pain significantly.

6. Helps maintain healthy skin and hair appearance

Melanin, a pigment responsible for our eye, hair and skin color, comes out of balance over the years when exposed to sun and age damage. To slow down these processes, you can consume melanin and increase its amounts in the body. Chaga mushrooms contain this pigment, and when, there is a significant improvement in the appearance of hair and skin that results from the presence of melanin.

Chaga Mushrooms

7. Fights ulcers

Many times, ulcers are caused by the presence of bacteria such as the Helicobacter pylori and others in the stomach that irritate it and cause unpleasant burning sensations. The Chaga mushroom helps to neutralize these bacteria and their harmful effects, thus contributing to the health of the stomach and digestive system.


8. Helps in maintaining overall health

In order to maintain good general health, it’s important not only to eat in a balanced manner but also that all nutrients reach the various organs in the body. Some of the components responsible for this are polysaccharides, which carry nutrients throughout the body. Chaga mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides that do this and cause the body to make the most of the nutrients it receives.

Chaga Mushrooms

9. Relieves feelings of stress and anxiety

When we are in stressful times or moments, the body's initial response is to release stress hormones that only increase these feelings and make us feel tense. Tea made from Chaga mushrooms helps to regulate this hormone surge significantly, thus contributing to a sense of relaxation that allows us to deal with different situations better. The decrease in stress also improves our long-term mental and physical condition.

10. Helps fight cancer

The formation of metastasis in cancer patients causes deterioration in various types of disease, which can lead to serious damage to the body. To prevent this, the metastases must be regulated without damaging other organs in the body. In a study at the Vestibulocochlear Research Center, Wonkwang University School of Medicine in Korea, researchers found that Chaga mushrooms have three components that significantly inhibit the formation of metastases: botulinum toxin, inotodiol, and ergosterol peroxide. These findings can significantly affect the treatment of cancer patients in the future, as it will be possible to prevent metastasis in their bodies in a more natural way than available today.
Chaga Mushrooms
With each passing year, researchers are discovering more and more medical benefits of the amazing Chaga mushroom. Today it’s rarely available in its natural form, but it is often turned into unique extracts that can be found in health and nature stores. Until further studies are conducted on its full effects, it is advisable to consult a physician before using these extracts. If you’re in good health, you can probably enjoy it without fear and maintain your body and your health for years to come.
cover image source: Tocekas
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