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How to Give Your Hair More Volume

 Many women want full hair, but not all of us have been naturally blessed with this feature. However, even if you were born with thinner hair, suffer from shedding or feel as though your hair has changed with time, you have nothing to worry about. We’ve compiled 8 tips so you can easily restore volume and fullness to your hair, making sure your hair looks its best with very little effort.


1. Brush your hair once it’s completely dry

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 If you have fuller hair, brushing it right out of the shower is fine, but if you have thinner hair, it is recommended that you refrain from doing so, so as not to damage and break the hair. Wet hair is very fragile, and if you don’t have the time to blow-dry it or wait for it to air dry, opt for finger combing it instead. If you do choose to blow dry your hair, lift pieces of hair from the root while drying to add instant volume. Once your hair is fully dry, use a round brush to brush it through.

2. Use a hair clip to add volume to a ponytail

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Gather your hair into a ponytail using a hair tie. Split the ponytail into two sections and use a hair clip to clip the bottom section close to your head. Make sure the top section covers the clip. 

3. Use hair ties to add volume to a ponytail

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Want to add volume to a ponytail without using a clip? No problem! Instead of using one hair tie, divide the hair into two parts - top and bottom, and then collect each part with a separate hair tie. Now use a third hair tie to bring the two parts together. Use hair ties that are similar in color to your hair so that they aren’t noticeable. 

4. Add volume to loose hair with after-shower care

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If you don’t have time to do your hair in the morning, try spraying your hair with hairspray after washing and twisting it into two low buns. Heat the buns up with your hair dryer, wait for them to cool down and then take them out. Your hair will be voluminous and beautiful in no time. 


5. Use dry shampoo

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Waking up in the morning with limp oily hair and no time to wash it is a bummer. Luckily, using a little bit of dry shampoo can really work wonders! Make sure to spray your roots and not your ends so that the shampoo can absorb the oils best. 

6. Loosen that braid

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After braiding your hair, gently pull at the strands to loosen it up and give it more volume. Be sure to start from the bottom and pull upwards and not vice versa, so as not to create a goofy-looking braid. Lastly, spraying with hairspray will make sure nothing comes too loose.

7. Blow dry to add oomph

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If you’ve finished styling your hair and feel that it’s still falling flat, try giving your dryer another shot. Flip your hair down and blow dry it at the roots shaking them out with your fingers. Doing this will help you achieve better results and longer-lasting volume.

8. Adjust your parting

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Where you part your hair may seem meaningless, but it really does make a difference. Moving your parting allows you to add volume to hair that has already settled and fallen limp in its ways. Part your hair to the opposite side of where you want it while it’s still wet, and once it dries flip it back over. While some looks need a good middle parting, you can’t expect to achieve much volume at the roots, so if that’s what you’re looking for, a side parting is what you should be aiming for. 
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