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9 Tips to Help You Live In the Moment and Be Happier

 Sometimes the key to happiness is to try to think as little as possible, avoid worries and be aware of who you are. Try to remember the times when you didn’t think of anything but what was in front of your eyes - were these not wonderful and happy times?

The reason why living this way is better is that if you constantly worry about the future and regret the past, you don’t have time to think about what is happening around you and you miss opportunities and moments of happiness. Therefore, the question is how can we reach a state of calm, in which we live only in the present and enjoy life? The answer can be found in the following 9 powerful tips...


1. Do not compare yourselves to others


 One cannot really compare two people: each has his or her own feelings and the one person’s biggest dream can be someone else's nightmare. Even if we were all the same in terms of our desires, strengths, patterns of thought, and struggles, it still wouldn’t be possible to compare two people for the simple reason that everyone hides their troubles and shows only their achievements. Sometimes it seems that someone has everything in life, when in fact they have serious problems that aren’t visible to others. These are two good reasons not to compare yourself to others, but there is another one that is even more important: it won’t make you feel good. It’s not worth spending your life in negative thoughts that don’t contribute to you, and it is best to avoid it.

2. Adopt the understanding that worrying simply isn’t worth it


Concerns are a pattern of behavior designed to show yourself that you are in control in situations of uncertainty. The problem with worries is that you lose valuable time thinking of negative and imaginary scenarios. Beyond that, worries are pointless - you can’t predict all the possible scenarios, and even if you do, the solution won’t always be in your hands. To deal only with what is really happening you should reduce your thoughts about possible scenarios, and thus make your life more peaceful.

3. Be aware of your body


This is one of the most effective techniques for connecting to the present - just be aware of your breathing, your posture and notice what your body feels at a given moment. It is possible to practice awareness through thoughts such as "I am aware that my hands are on the keyboard, that my feet are on the floor" and so on. After you do this exercise you will feel how connected you are to reality that you aren’t thinking of anything else but it. This will allow you to have a moment of peace and experience all the beauty that is around you which you’ve yet to notice.

4. Don’t define anything as "boring"


Even when you wait for something, it still doesn’t mean that you can’t  be present and enjoy the wait: looking around, looking for interesting things in your bag, going for a short walk in the area - these are just some of the things you can do during this time to make it a pleasant experience. In general, if you consider certain actions boring, it will cause you to wander in thought while you are doing them, and this makes you miss a lot in life. The next time you engage in activities that you have defined as boring, such as cleaning or cooking, you should try to rediscover them and you may come to understand that they are relaxing and enjoyable.

5. Learn how to meditate


During meditation, you examine your thoughts from the outside without judgment and it helps you to recognize them and the feelings behind them. By meditating you can avoid making decisions that you are not comfortable with, resolve dilemmas that have been bothering you for a while, and get to know yourself better. If you are aware of your thoughts and their emotional source, you are more likely to solve your problems more easily and bring great emotional clarity to your life. You can practice meditation in a variety of different ways and each method has its own advantages - you can click here to learn some unique meditation techniques.


6. When you enter the room - check what’s in it


Even when there are no worries, your mind constantly produces thoughts that may interfere with you experiencing what is happening around you and disconnecting you from reality. Using your sense of sight more consciously is a wonderful way to re-focus on reality, because it is a sense that takes up a great deal of attention, and it connects you immediately to what is happening around you. Take up the habit of looking at what is in the room you are entering, and train yourself to become more aware of what is happening around you. For example, if you go into a room to look around, you may encounter a new and interesting option to spend time with the family or find something that has changed for the better. For example, someone added a photo or cleaned the room, which will add light to your life and help you focus on the present.

7. Enjoy what you have, even if not everything is perfect


It is unlikely that there will be a situation in which everything is “completely good" for you, and if that happens then you will soon hear a story about someone else's troubles or annoying thoughts will rise to your head and it will give you a new reason to be concerned. Sometimes because it is not all perfect we forget the fact that we are supposed to enjoy this world and make the best out of what there is. To be free, to laugh and to be happy all are an important part of the experience of life even when you do not have everything you wanted to.

8. Know that you can only be you are


Every person has forces that try to materialize, and naturally, they will almost always be expressed (strongly or weakly) in reality. In other words, most of the events that will happen to you in the future actually already exist within you as an unrealized force, and your job is only to express them. This message is important mainly because of the opposite principle that comes from it: If you do something without connection to your mental powers, it is like a rootless tree, and the probability that you will continue to do so successfully over time is very weak. In order to build a good future, you must strive to realize the forces that are within you, and not be tempted to live according to what is considered better or dictated to you by others.

9. Change up your life


Try to do something a little different every day; For example, try choosing a supermarket that you don’t usually buy from or travel to places you don’t know. The aim of such small changes is to add interest to your life, and thus enjoy as many different things as possible. Changing habits also opens you up to opportunities like meeting new people, seeing things you wouldn’t normally encounter or living in a more varied and interesting way. Re-choosing diverse options will help you become more aware of what you are doing and improve and enhance your life experience.

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