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15 Smart Quotes from Mikhail Litvak

 Over the course of life we reach many stages in which we feel we know everything there is to know and that we know how to take on the world in the best way possible, However, we usually find out very quickly that we have not yet achieved a complete understanding of everything and that the world is still full of obstacles that aren’t easily overcome. It is precisely this understanding that makes us adults, but that’s not where the story ends.
Mikhail Litvak, a doctor, psychotherapist and one of the best psychiatrists whose books have become bestsellers all over the world, teaches his patients a way to resolve conflict in their lives with a unique method called "psychological aikido." With his wise approach, many people have succeeded in creating a positive change in their lives. From the mind of this wise man here are 17 inspirational quotes that will help you understand the true nature of life, and if you give them some thought, they will help guide you toward the right path to your personal success and happiness.
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