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Pregnancy To-Do List By Month

 Planning on having a child? If so, you have a lot to think. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey in the life of every woman and in the life of couples in general, but during this time,care must be taken to ensure the health of the woman, the fetus, and the relationship.


So that you don’t miss an important step in the process, we‘ve prepared for you the following list of tasks that should be taken care of during each month of pregnancy. Bookmark this list so that you can return to it from time to time to make sure that the next nine months, as well as the birth, go smoothly.


Month 1

1. Mark your last cycle

2. If you smoke, quit smoking.

3. Reduce the amount of caffeine you consume, preferably stopping caffeine consumption if you can.

4. Consult your doctor about what medications you can or shouldn’t take while pregnant, and ask about pre-natal vitamins.

5. Change your workouts to suit your changing body, try not to put too much stress on it.

6. Find out which foods you should eat and which you should avoid!

7. To get the clearest pregnancy results, wait at least four weeks after the estimated conception date. 

8. Is the test positive? Congratulations - let your husband know!

9. Wait until weeks 4- 8 to make an appointment with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

Month 2

1. Begin reading theoretical material about pregnancy, whether in books or online.

2. Drink lots of water, and get used to doing so throughout your pregnancy.

3. If you have a cat, from now on you shouldn’t be cleaning its litter box, that job is now your husband's!

4. Make sure you get about 8 hours of sleep a night – or as much as you can – your body’s going to be tired from growing a baby.

5. Buy a bigger bra.

6. Start doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

7. Take pictures of your growing belly - the pictures will make for a wonderful memory. 


Month 3

1. Sit down with your spouse and make a baby budget.

2. Make a list with your partner of all the things you want to do before the baby comes

3. Take a walk every day for 30 minutes – warm up your body first because your joints will be looser now.

4. Avoid exercise that requires you to lie on your back.

5. Go out and purchase new maternity clothes.

6. Moisturize your stomach and thighs daily to avoid irritated, dry, and itchy skin.

7. Avoid hot baths, saunas, etc.

8. If the doctor recommends, perform genetic tests.

9. Wash your hands regularly to avoid germs.

10. If you feel ready, share the happy news with your family and close friends.

Month 4

1. Get used to sleeping on your left side, and avoid sleeping on your right side.

2. Start eating smaller meals more often instead of large meals at large intervals - this will help avoid heartburn.

3. Tell your boss about your pregnancy – if you want to.

4. If you’re over the age of 35, consult with your doctor on further tests you might have to do. 

5. Provide your body with lots of calcium by eating low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits and nutritional supplements.

6. Find out the baby’s gender!

7. Start thinking of names for your baby.


Month 5

1. Start putting together your nursery and the things that the baby might need – a crib, stroller, etc...

2. Ditch your heels – you need as much support as you can get, so opt for comfortable walking shoes.

3. Buy new maternity clothes and a new and larger bra if needed.

4. Avoid crossing your legs for a long time – doing so can worsen the appearance of varicose veins.

5. If you plan to return to work after childbirth, start looking for childcare solutions.

6. Start asking friends and family for pediatrician recommendations.

7. Look for childbirth classes in your area

Month 6

1. Consider purchasing life insurance for yourself if you haven’t already.

2. Update or write your will including who you’d want to have guardianship over said child, should, God forbid, anything happen to you.

3. Go on a trip with your partner, this may be your last chance to do so in a while

4. Allow your partner to bond with the baby by letting them feel his/her kicks

5. If your fingers begin to swell, take off your rings.

6. Plan a baby shower!

7. Start baby proofing your house 

8. Eat foods containing lots of fiber to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids.


Month 7

1. Begin to consume foods rich in iron.

2. Start counting the baby’s kicks

3. Cook and freeze meals for after birth

4. Get a haircut - You may not have time later.

5. Start childbirth classes.

7. Know the symptoms of premature labor – water breaking, cramping, bleeding, or pressure sensation in the pelvic area.

8. Pack your hospital bag

9. Write up your birth plan.


Month 8

1. Try to get as much sleep as possible

2. If you have other kids, start getting them ready and excited about the arrival of their new sibling

3. Buy baby formula (if you do not plan on breastfeeding), diapers – and whatever else you need for when baby comes.

4. Try breathing exercises for relaxation if you feel stressed or anxious.

5. Talk and pat your baby, if you tap where he/or she is kicking you can actually play with him/her.

6. Get a Group B Strep test done (week 35-37).

7. Have the car seat inspected.


Month 9

1. Get a non-stress test done

2. Have a biophysical profile done

3.  If you want to try to induce labor, eat spicy food, have sex or walk up some stairs.


1. Be prepared not to have the entire birth process go exactly as you planned, and know that that's fine. The doctors and nurses are there to take care of you and baby the best way they can.

2. By the time your 4-5 cm dilated you can ask for an epidural if you want.

3. Give birth to the baby, share the happy moment with your husband and family, and embark on a new journey with the tender new person who just made your family, and heart, that much bigger.

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