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10 Little Things That Can Say a Lot about a Person

 There are many things that we do unconsciously which expose our feelings and personality to others. Whether it's the way you smile, how often you look at your cell phone screen while talking to others or how you eat, anyone who knows how to read these little signs will be able to get a good read of you. On the other hand, if you know these signs, you can know the nature and feelings of the person you are speaking with. Therefore, you should learn the following 10 small things that are easy to ignore but reveal many details about the people around you.


1. The way a person greets you

tell-tale signs

A strong handshake testifies to an extroverted person who likes to express his/her feelings clearly, and if someone puts their hand on your shoulder when greeting you, it is a sign that they are very fond of you or that they are trying to manipulate you. If someone grabs your hand with both hands, it is a sign that they either need something from you, which they’ll later reveal, or that they have something important to tell you.

2. The way a person smiles

tell-tale signs

When someone smiles a real smile, you can see small smile lines around their eyes and lips. If the smile is forced, these lines will appear only around the lips, but not around the eyes. If a person is overcome with emotion, their eyes will well up and they’ll swallow a lot while smiling. If even one of these characteristics is missing, the feelings that the person in front of you may be trying to show you may not be sincere.

3. How often a person looks down at their cellphone 

tell-tale signs

The more a person looks at his/her smartphone and checks emails or reads articles while sitting in front of you, or even just looks at pictures, the more likely they are to be bored and seeking some sort of external stimulus.

4. The way a person takes a selfie

tell-tale signs

People who hold their camera under their eye-line when taking a selfie tend to have a more positive view of what is happening around them. People who are very seriousness or feel a certain responsibility rarely show the world what they’re up to through social networks, and often photograph themselves in a way that does not show where they are. On the other hand, people, and most women, who photograph themselves with pursed lips, testify that they are under a great deal of stress.

5. The way a person eats

tell-tale signs

People who cut their food into small pieces tend to look for long-term relationships, or they try to live their lives according to their strict plans. On the other hand, people who mix the food on their plate usually have very strong personalities and are responsible. Those who finish their food quickly are people who can multitask, and usually, such people are highly valued at their jobs for their abilities, and the fact that they rarely miss a day or assignments and always think ahead. In contrast, people who tend to eat slowly are those who live in the moment and know how to enjoy life.

6. The words that a person chooses to use during a conversation

tell-tale signs

If the person in front of you often uses the word "I" when telling a story, it is very likely that they are telling the truth, but if they use this word constantly in everything they talk about, it may mean the person is self-centered. On the other hand, a person who often uses the word "we" is one who is deeply involved in the lives of the people in his/her social circle. In general, older people are more likely to use verbs in the past tense, rather than in the future.

7. The way a person positions his/her feet when sitting

tell-tale signs

People who sit with their legs together are people who have low self-confidence and who find it difficult to rely on others easily, while those who sit with straight legs that are not close together love humor and feel comfortable with others. Those who cross their legs tend to enjoy the company of others but at the same time demand respect from them, and those who cross ankles are perfectionists and generous. Sitting in a lotus position is characteristic of people who need to feel free in their lives yet are very sensible and realistic, while people who put cross their legs with one foot over the other are ambitious and competitive.


8. The direction a person looks when drinking

tell-tale signs

People who stare into the depths of their cup while sipping it tend to be more concentrated and less dreamy. Those who look straight forward while they sip tend to be influenced by others and sometimes tend to be careless, but at the same time, they are very aware of what is happening around them. If a person closes his/her eyes while they drink it may imply that they are experiencing some pain or discomfort, and therefore are trying to find a way to relax.

9. The shoes a person wears

tell-tale signs

People who wear functional shoes, such as sneakers, are likely to be more open to opportunities than other people. Those who wear boots tend to be more aggressive and those who wear uncomfortable shoes tend to be calmer. It is not surprising to find that people who wear colorful shoes are more extroverted than others, and those who wear monochromatic shoes are more indifferent and even tend to repress things in their lives. People who wear new, polished shoes are those who prefer not to be too attached to others or worried about their relationships, and people who mostly wear flip flops are usually looser.

10. The type of coffee a person prefers

tell-tale signs
Leaders often prefer to drink espresso, while people who let others lead them usually drink double espressos. Those who prefer lattes are people who find it difficult to make decisions and tend to take life more easily than others. Creative people who like to be in the company of others tend to drink cappuccinos, while adventurers prefer ice coffee. Black coffee is often a choice of people who have a realistic and direct approach to life, who rarely do anything out of the ordinary.
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