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Signs of a Bed Bug Problem!

 Bed bug infestations are on the rise in the United States. These pesky little critters can be difficult to spot, but they do leave behind some distinct trails, so check out these subtle signs that indicate that you might have a bed bug problem.
1. People You Know Have Had Bed Bugs
Signs of Bed Bugs

Beg bug infestations can spread from house to house, especially in apartment blocks where they don’t have to travel far. There are now more people affected by bed bugs in the United States than ever before – they were virtually unheard of just ten years ago. Therefore, if you know someone who has had a bed bug problem, be safe and check your home for intruders.

2. There Are Small, Itchy Bites on Your Body

Bed bugs leave small, itchy, and inconsistent bites on their victim’s body. Therefore, if you notice clusters of bites, especially if they’re in straight lines of three, you need to check for bed bugs. This isn’t a sure sign, though. Some people might not even show any signs of having been bitten by bed bugs. This is why it’s important for people to inspect for bed bugs on regular occasions.

3. You Frequently Stay in Hotel Rooms
Signs of Bed Bugs

This is one of the primary ways that bed bugs spread. If you’re staying in a hotel, you really should give the room and bed a thorough survey before staying the night. If you notice any signs of bed bugs, ask to be relocated to a different room. When leaving, you should always examine your luggage too.


4. There Are Dark Stains on Your Sheets or Pillowcases

Since bed bugs are messy, they often leave behind small stains wherever they’ve been. Any odd stains that appear on your sheets or pillowcases should be inspected and not ignored.

5. You’ve Only Looked for Bed Bugs in Your Bed
Signs of Bed Bugs

Despite their name, bed bugs can thrive in multiple locations outside of a bed. According to a 2015 survey carried out by the National Pest Management Association, nearly all (99.6%) of pest professionals nationwide have treated bed bugs in the last year, and many of those cases didn’t involve beds at all. Therefore, if you’re looking for bed bugs, you need to check the seams of chairs and couches, drawer joints, and areas with loose wallpaper too.

6. There Are Skin Flakes on Your Bed or Clothing

Skin flakes from bed bugs are small, oval, and brown, and are one of the major indicators of a bed bug infestation. If you find any of these small casings around your house, you’ve got bed bugs. Don’t be embarrassed though, as even the cleanest of homes can get infested with these annoying little critters.

7. You Recently Bought Secondhand Furniture Without Washing It
Signs of Bed Bugs

Getting a great deal on furniture is awesome, but secondhand furniture can bring unwanted pests such as bed bugs into your house. Therefore, you should thoroughly inspect any furniture that you’re thinking about bringing into your home.

8. There Are Brownish Red Stains on Your sheet That Smear When Wiped

As gross as it sounds, bed bugs can leave clusters of poop on sheets. If you find small stains that smear when wiped with a wet rag, it could be evidence of bed bug fecal matter. If you find this alongside mattress seams or box spring edges, you could have yourself a bed bug problem.


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