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The Power of Thought and Subliminal Meditation

 Have you ever wanted something with all your heart, but every time you tried to bring that desire to the surface it slipped out of your hands, went wrong, or just didn’t materialize? Sometimes it may even seem that something is "blocked" or "can‘t happen." In some cases, the reason for this is external and unrelated to your behavior, but have you ever thought that the problem might be solved by looking within?


Such focus can be very significant, because our thoughts are what drives our decisions and behavior, and changing them in a positive and empowering direction can be the key to solving problems that are repeated in our lives. Discover the technique that will help you change your thinking patterns for the better - easily, quickly and free, and will help you live a more optimistic life.

subliminal meditation

Conscious desire versus unconscious desire

We each have desires that we declare either to ourselves or to others, however, we also have desires hiding beneath the surface, on the unconscious level, and they represent what we feel inside. In many cases, unconscious thoughts and desires are those that prevent you from fulfilling your conscious desires. For example, a person might be looking for a relationship, but in practice is closed off and not interested in other people. Naturally, even if the person signs up for all the dating sites and meets hundreds of men or women, they probably won’t find the desired relationship. The reason for this is that although they "want" a relationship, in practice, the message they are sending out into the world is that they aren’t really interested in a relationship.

subliminal meditation

What is intention, and how can it change the situation?

Before you can change your thought process, you need to understand in which way you want to direct them. The process of intention is meant to find out what our true desires are, not just what we declare we want. Intention is the precision of desires, done by defining what we are asking to receive from the world. The main questions in the process of intention will be:

  • What do I really want?
  • What would it look like?
  • Why do I want it?
  • What am I willing to give in order for it to happen?

The goal of intent is to create a picture of what we want to be as clear as possible, to get a sort of "roadmap" and thus know where to turn.

The power of thought in the process of change

In the wake of thoughts, one comes to actions, and changing thoughts means a comprehensive and thorough change in a person's life, reactions, and choices. Moreover, according to the law of attraction, thought is a force acting in reality, and it brings to a person’s life what they aspire to be within themselves. Whether you believe that thought is an influential force in itself or not, one must admit that thought is a central part of human life and that it plays an important role in realizing one's dreams. This is why adopting new and better patterns of thinking can lead to significant change and affect all aspects of a person's life.

subliminal meditation

The difficulty in the process of change of thought

A real change in thought patterns is a long and complex process. The origin of the first challenge in the process of such a change lies in a very clear fact: to change patterns of thought one must first be aware of them. Another challenge is the difficulty in changing itself: thought patterns are a habit, and it is difficult to break away from them or change them. The third challenge in the process of change is coping with the change itself and its consequences, as we have become accustomed to certain types of events that recur in our lives, and we have prepared responses that help us to cope with them effortlessly. When we begin to relate to events in a different way, we will experience different challenges in general, and it will be difficult to respond to these situations. With the third challenge, there is no choice but to cope, but the first two difficulties can be temporarily circumvented by means of subliminal messages.

What is subliminal meditation?

Subliminal messages are messages that are inaudible to our conscious mind but are perceived by our unconscious mind. For example: listening to music or a soundtrack that contains recorded messages whose volume is lowered below what a human ear can hear. The recorded messages in these soundtracks are masked by white noise whose frequency is the same as the frequency of the speech so that the words are heard weakly and not clearly. Because we do not hear these messages consciously, our brain does not deal with analysis, acceptance or rejection. The direct transition of messages to consciousness allows for changing thought patterns by assimilating new and more positive patterns - this is, in fact, subliminal meditation. In a relatively short period of time, it will be possible to discern the change: positive thoughts and emotions and intensifying influence begin to grow and replace old patterns of thinking.


How do you practice subliminal meditation?

You can listen to subliminal messages with headphones or speakers for however long and at all times of the day, even while sleeping. It is worthwhile to listen to subliminal meditation tracks for a period of time so that the brain will adopt the positive patterns of thought inherent in them, and continue to use them on its own. The effect you will begin to feel is new and empowering emotions and patterns that grow in you and give you the strength and ability to progress and achieve your goals. There are subliminal meditations that help a person improve motivation, let go of the past or even become richer. Here are some examples of such meditations:

Subliminal Meditation for Abundance:

Subliminal Meditation to Improve Motivation:

Subliminal Meditation for Letting Go of the Past:


To conclude, subliminal messages are a wonderful tool that can be used to support a process of change, to strengthen positive thoughts and to empower ourselves. This is an easy-to-implement, free and often available technique for everyone over the Internet. If you are looking for change or want to achieve a goal in your life, you should definitely try it. You can listen to the meditation videos we’ve included in the article or look for additional sources for yourself. In any case, what is important is that you focus on yourself and on the positive change you deserve.

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