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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Teff Flour

 Flours that have been used for thousands of years often come with a number of health benefits that give us a little something extra that standard modern wheat flour can't.


Teff flour, a gluten-free ancient grain, native to Ethiopia and the surrounding region, is no exception, and people are really catching on. In fact, this flour was one of the most popular flours of 2017. So, if you’re interested in cooking with this tasty, hearty grain, here are some of the health benefits you might want to know about.

It’s Gluten-Free and Easy to Digest
Teff Flour

Teff flour is a gluten-free flour, which makes it a great option for people with Celiac disease and other gluten sensitivities. Even if you’re able to tolerate gluten, you might find that teff flour is easier on your digestive system. Gluten-containing foods, while perfectly fine for those without sensitivities, create a low-level state of inflammation when eaten due to the difficulty the body has processing them.

It’s Packed with Calcium, Helping to Reduce PMS Symptoms

Calcium is an important nutrient for bone health, but did you know that it can also help relieve PMS symptoms? A number of studies have suggested that women who take calcium supplements have lower incidences of severe PMS symptoms than those who do not.

It’s Full of Fiber
Teff Flour

Did you know that teff flour contains five times as much fiber as wheat flour? Just one ounce of teff flour contains about five grams of fiber, compared to all-purpose wheat flour which only contains 1 gram.

Fiber is beneficial for good health, as it moves through the digestive tract and helps to clear out accumulated waste, toxins, and foods. It promotes digestive regularity as well as nutrient absorption, making it a vital component of a healthy diet.

It Can Help You Lose Weight  

Speaking of fiber, did you know that is also one of the most important building blocks of any weight loss program? While low-fat diets help people lose weight with lots of fiber from whole grains, low-carb diets also include plenty of fiber in the shape of vegetables. No matter what camp you’re in, there’s no denying that fiber is a crucial part of weight loss.

In fact, a research paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that making only one dietary change – increasing the amount of fiber in your diet – can result in significant weight loss.

Therefore, teff flour’s high fiber content can be a great way to boost your efforts if you want to lose weight. The combination of the grain’s fiber content, gluten-free nature, and plentiful calcium make it an all-around great choice for good health.


Source: ecowatch
Images: depositphotos

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