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Stunning 3D Jelly Cakes

 Siew Boon first discovered 3D jelly cakes a couple of years ago. Fascinated by this art, she took a course on it run by a famous 3D jelly art teacher. As she practiced, she naturally got better and better and started sharing her work on Instagram and Facebook.


The feedback she received was extremely positive and she started getting requests from people wanting to purchase her 3D jelly cakes. Each piece can take up to 4 hours to complete. The designs are injected into a clear jelly canvas petal by petal and made upside-down. Due to her popularity, she started her own business called Jelly Alchemy.

However, unfortunately, in late 2017, Boon was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and as a result, had to put her business on hold as she underwent treatment. She was determined not to let her cancer get in the way of what she loved doing. Therefore, on the days when she was feeling well enough, Boon dedicated her time to creating 3D jelly cakes for her doctors and caretakers. This helped shift her focus away from the physical pain and negative thoughts.

Check out her absolutely stunning work below.

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